Using a Planer

Using a Planer

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Using a Benchtop Planer

There are a number of different types and styles of planers on the market. Learning to use one right will allow you to correct board thickness, so that all boards are sized to work with every other board in your project.How to Use a Power Planer

This article shows you how to get the most out of your power planer. Use it for leveling joists, making stubborn doors close easily and for building projects in your workshop. We'll demonstrate time-tested tips and techniques for using this important tool.

Using a Thickness Planer

A thickness planer is a tool used for smoothing rough lumber or reducing the thickness of a board. With a planer every board on a project can be a perfect match. A planer will not straighten a bowed board, it would have to be run through a jointer to get one side straight first.

How to Use a Bench-Top Planer

Nothing beats owning a planer when you need to smooth boards and mill them to an exact thickness. Planers used to be found only at cabinet and millwork shops. Now you can buy a bench-top planer for several hundred dollars at home centers and tool retailers. If you do any remodeling, deck building or woodworking, you'll never regret the investment.

Using a Surface Planer

A surface planer is a very useful addition to any workshop. It’s a great advance on the hand planers that woodworkers used to use, and can be far more exact, as well as much quicker. As with any power tool, it’s important to know how to use a surface planer properly. It’s not complicated, but the correct use is vital for safety and producing the best results.

Using a Wood Planer

Remember that a wood planer can come in several varieties. They are all used to create a smooth, flat surface on a piece of wood. They also will repair any imperfections by shaving off thin pieces one at a time. A person can use a hand-held power planer, large power planers or hand planers.

How to Properly Use a Wood Planer

Learning to use a wood planer, either manual or power-operated, will greatly improve the quality of the finish you achieve on your woodworking projects. It will also save you time and money as you prevent spoilage of wood materials in the intermediate and final stages of your task. Follow the guidelines below to use a wood planer safely and correctly.

Get Your Woodworking Job Straightened Out with a Planer

A planer is a power tool (hand-held or bench-top) designed to level or straighten a piece of wood by shaving its face. A rotating cutter head spins while the wood is pushed beneath it using either curved or straight blades, or staggered carbide cutter bits.