Which Glues to Use

Which Glues to Use

Knowing which glue to use, and knowing the correct technique to apply them is almost as useful as knowing the correct techniques for cutting wood.

The Art of Using Wood Glues

Next to cutting wood, gluing it together is one of the most common of woodworking procedures. New woodworkers usually have a far better understanding of how to cut wood apart than how to glue the pieces back together.

Save time, money, and cleanup with these handy helpers

The best tips are those that are shop proven. Here's a selection of tested tips to ease your gluing and clamping assemblies.

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Yellow glues, also known as P.V.A. (polyvinyl acetate) glues, include the original white glues, and some of the older yellow glues. CYANOACRYLATE (CA) GLUE

This article is intended to provide useful information about the handling and use of CA glue. This is by no means a definitive source on the subject but rather a handful of notes about some useful things I have learned and researched and would like to share for the benefit of all.

Using Hide Glue

Using hot hide glue, which is made from animal bones, hooves, and hides, is a practice which has been used for centuries. While some of the techniques, or more accurately, the support tools for working with the sticky substance have improved, it's still the age old process.

Gorilla Glue

Strong, 100% waterproof, versatile and misunderstood.

Urea Resin Glues

Urea resin glue is a two part mixture, consisting of a powder, which is the catalyst, and a liquid, which is the resin. The are mixed together based on volume or weight, according to the manufacturers instructions.