Kitchen Cabinet Design

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Kitchen Cabinet Design

There are a variety of cabinet designs and system that can be used in an integrated kitchen. Both design elements on individual units, and specific design techniques can make the cabinets appealing to the eye, and functional in use.

Options for Updating Your Kitchen

Ready for a great new kitchen? You're not alone, and there are good reasons for taking on the project. An up-to-date kitchen adds significant value to your home: In most cases, you can regain your investment (and then some) in equity. Along with that, your kitchen is a focal point of your home, and you should enjoy spending time there. It's easier and more pleasant to work in a kitchen that's bright, efficient and up to date. Maybe you've been hesitating: The task can seem daunting and it's hard to know where to start. Luckily, you have a number of options in bringing your kitchen up to date. The one that's right for you may be much less work and investment than you were expecting. In this article, we'll take a look at a number of ways to give your kitchen a new look, and to make it a more pleasant and efficient space, without involving yourself in a full-scale remodeling project.

European Cabinet System

European cabinets are typically made from Melamine. As the adhesive used in forming Melamine, is Formaldehyde base, all edges must be sealed. This could be a simple spraying of a sealer coat of lacquer or similar product, where the edges are hidden.

Remodeling Begins with Selecting Cabinets to Meet Specific Needs

Remodeling a kitchen begins with selecting kitchen cabinets to meet the needs of the homeowner. This starting point provides the framework and focus for the rest of the kitchen’s new design. All homeowners have their own specific needs that are based on being a wine collector, culinary artist, love to cook, or a family of many. When selecting cabinets the first step is to select the design that works best.

The Basic Elements and Design Styles

Kitchen cabinet construction varies among manufacturers but they all conform to 2 basic design styles. These styles or design types are called framed and frame-less. Framed cabinets are also called face-frame cabinets so you may see them referred to both ways. There's not too much difference between the two styles in the way they're constructed. What's different is how they look and the amount of accessibility you have to the inside of the cabinet.

Kitchen Cabinets – Understanding the Base Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are imperative to a good kitchen. Knowing how they are built helps us understand their many uses and make our kitchen user-friendly. Those with a knack for invention continue to reveal new and exciting uses for kitchen base cabinets. With an ever-growing list of accessories, which transform kitchen base cabinets into the ultimate kitchen, the possibilities are endless.

American Cabinet

Besides a table and chairs, no piece fits the dining room better than this quintessentially American country-style cabinet with storage behind doors and a flat surface for serving food. This project fills both needs perfectly and is a study in simple construction. Build a face frame, attach that frame to a four-panel carcass, then add a top and a few simple details and you’re set to store and serve.

Using Plastic Resin corbels and capitals

Carving wooden corbels and capitals would add a large amount of labor and cost to any project, but can also add a valuable design detail, when used properly. When the furniture or cabinet will gain from such a design detail, there is an excellent option to hand carving these complicated components.

A Few Tips For Building Corner Cabinets You Like

Corner cabinets are by no way the easiest thing to make, nor are they super difficult either. It just takes a little bit of practice with the right tools and the right little bit of knowledge and you’re good to go. The hardest parts will be getting your head around the whole concept. But, don’t worry you can learn this.

Seven Simple Steps to Frame and Raised Panel Construction

Little can give some of us more pleasure than doing a job ourselves. For those who love do it yourself projects I present to you a series of articles on updating your kitchen. This article will explain how to build your own cabinet drawers from scratch.

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