Cutting with a Band Saw

Cutting with a Band Saw

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Cutting a Band Saw Box

Learning to use a band saw correctly will allow stronger, sharper cuts while increasing your efficiency with the tool. A band saw can be a very versatile tool in the right hands. Learn the band saws strengths and weaknesses to get the most of the tool.Correcting Band Saw Blade Drift

Bandsaw blade drift is a tendency of the blade to veer to the left or right while making a cut using the rip fence. It can manifest itself in the blade wanting to stray off the cut line or the wood seemingly being pulled away from the fence during the cut.

Re-sawing on the Band Saw

Re-sawing boards along their thickness is a unique capability of the band saw that lets woodworkers create eye-catching features like book-matched glue ups, custom thickness boards, veneers and more. A good quality, properly tuned bandsaw and high-end blades are important when re-sawing. However, use bad technique and the best hardware available won't save you.

Cutting a Round Log on the Band Saw

A friend gave me a couple of freshly cut cedar logs recently. The logs were a fairly small diameter, about 5″ and the pith was offset quite a bit to one side. I cut the logs into 2′ lengths using my chainsaw but did not want to split the logs using my chainsaw. I knew I would get cleaner, more accurate cuts with my band saw and would waste far less of the wood. I needed a safe way to cut the round logs on the band saw.

Band Saw Cutting: Importance of Blade Speed

If you are using your band saw for industrial purposes (think cutting lumber at a lumber yard), then you are going to want a higher speed for your band saw. The higher the speed, the faster you are able to feed the material through. If you have a lot of material that needs to be fed and have a lot of experience using a band saw, then using a higher speed could easily be the best solution.

Tips on How to Cut with a Band Saw

A band saw comes into use when woodworkers or metalworkers desire to create pieces of wood or metal that are circular or irregular in shape. The band saw is equipped with a blade that is both thin and flexible enough to allow precision in maneuvering it.

You Can Do A Lot Of Things With A Band Saw

Band saws can turn your beautiful woodworking ideas into a reality. You can cut or re-saw lumber into small boards or cut them artistically to become a beautiful project, band saws will make these tasks easier and faster for you. A band saw that is the best quality will help improve your performance in terms of speed in delivery and some quality in your work. In the wood carving business, for instance, you will need to make some patterns that are best done with a band saw.