Woodwork Pricing and Cash Control

Woodwork Pricing and Cash Control

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Correct pricing and tracking of cost is one of the most important issue in running a business, and is especially import for a new business to get correct. Knowing cost is also important to be able to knew that any project given to a contractor or sub-contractor is being priced accurately.

Pricing Cabinet Installation Work

Pros discuss their differing approaches to charging for kitchen and bath cabinet installation work.

Kitchen Pricing for Newbies

So this guy's trying to figure out how much to charge for building a kitchen for a relative. Naturally, it's all relative. But beginners could begin to grasp the basics of pricing from this discussion.

Two Steps to Price Woodworking in the Sweet Spot

Isn’t it just nerve racking trying to find the right price range for your work? Too high, and people run away. Too low, and you’re looked at with an eye of suspicion. It’s stressful, I know. There just has to be an ideal spot, somewhere, for your woodworking, price-wise. But why does it seem so hard to find?

A Little Pricing Secret You Probably Overlooked

In the first installment of the Pricing Your Work series, we looked at how adopting an hourly rate pricing structure is actually keeping you from making a better profit from your passion by becoming a slave to the clock. In this second part, I want to reveal to you an often overlooked pricing technique that does indeed allow greater freedom in your work and keeps you from being a slave to the demands of the clock.

Woodworking Price Estimate Wizard

This wizard will walk you through the process of generating a complete project cost estimate. Designed specifically for custom woodworkers with small shops, it gives you many opportunities to customize the estimate to suit your needs.

The Minimalist Woodworker’s Bookkeeping System

Talk to anyone running a woodworking business, or any biz for that matter, and one of the biggest areas of frustration is keeping track and staying on top of the finances. Bookkeeping just isn’t your idea of a good time, for some strange reason.

A Helpful Guide To Estimating Woodwork Cost

You really can’t rely on your intuition to tell if your contractor is already overcharging you or if he’s just buying cheap and low-quality materials to win your preference.