Buffing and Finishing Tips

Buffing and Finishing Tips

Outside of varnishes, oils, and polishes there are a number of different finishing techniques. Picking the right one for you project involves knowing what is available to get the look that you want.

Make Your Own Buffing Wheel Mandrel

Instead of buying an expensive mandrel for buffing and grinding wheels, I decided to make one for very little cost, or time involved, for use on my Wilton mini-lathe.


Collated from newsgroup postings.

Beall Buffing Shaft Project

Here's how to make a buffing shaft to speed your finishing process.

Bare Wood

Why is it necessary for us to always put something on a piece of wood. There is a good argument for leaving the surface of some wood bare.

Everything I know about Wax on turned wood

Yes, there have been a lot of articles and discussions about wax in the woodworking and woodturning books and magazines over the years. But, wax still remains one of the least understood, and most under-used of all finishing products.

Pens, Watches, and Small Personal Items

Everyone has their favorite finish for pens and similar items, and they all are very willing to expound on the superiority of their finish. The description of these finishing schedules approach a recipe for witchcraft and magic, with a mixture of incompatible finishes and waxes, and unnecessary steps.

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