Sawhorse Plans: How to Build a Sawhorse for your Workshop

Sawhorse Plans: How to Build

a Sawhorse for your Workshop

Not every woodworking shop has a sawhorses, but you'll find them a useful and versatile item to have at hand. A sawhorse can be used as a short-term table, workbench or bench-top stand, and can be use as a workbench extender or to as a temporary lumber self. Build your own sawhorses allows you to customize them to your own needs and wood shop requirements.

Temporay Sawhorse Stand

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Knock-Down Sawhorses -Plans only

Sawhorses are a workshop staples that make instant tables, scaffolding, and drying racks. Build these strong designs quickly so you can get back to work. Sawhorses have a ton of uses, and can be used to build an outdoor workstation, small scaffolding, table saw out-feed tables, and as cutting surfaces you don't mind marring. These five sawhorse plans require little more than a circular saw and some 2 x 4s and plywood to build. Most of these sawhorse can be stacked, so they can be conveniently stored when not in use.

Building Sawhorses that can be stacked

Just as simple and sturdy a sawhorse that I could come up with. The emphasis being on light, sturdy, and can be stacked. Disassemble-able would be nice too, but that would compromise the other factors, and at that point, its probably better to just buy one of many types of sawhorse brackets and use those. The only tool you need to build these is a sliding miter saw, or a radial arm saw. I used a radial arm saw, because that's what I have. I would recommend you buy a sliding miter saw instead. The way a radial arm saw pulls itself into the wood and with the saw blade coming towards you, is ideally suited for having horrific accidents with. Miter saws are much safer, and can do nearly anything practical that you could do with a radial arm saw.

How To Build DIY Gold Sawhorses

We wanted this project to have a bit of a Hi/Low feel to it and nothing says classy better than gold, This how-to project will take you through the steps to building a utilitarian workshop item (the sawhorse). We added some bling to our do-it-yourself sawhorses that take 15 minutes to build and will last forever. Plus you can stack them for small work spaces.

Splayed Legs and Strong Joinery provide a Sturdy Base for your Workshop

It seems I never have enough sawhorses. I use them continually around my home and inside the wood shop, and they are indispensable for supporting work-pieces while assembling and finishing projects. I built this saw horse for the first time in 1987 based on an article in Fine Woodworking. I like it so much I have reproduced several more over the years. Even after considerable use they have proven to be reliable, comfortable, and effective. Also, the design is attractive and I am proud to own and display them in my shop.

Popular Mechanics Sawhorse Project

Step-by step plans to make a functional, strong and elegant sawhorse, with new 3D animation and master-level blueprints. These sawhorse design is sturdy and versatile. It provides a wide work surface, and the legs are angled in two directions to provide stability. If you find our dimensions don't suit your needs, modify them to your liking. We used select-grade 54 x 8 pine for our horses, a readily available material. We ripped the lumber to width for the sawhorse legs.

How to Build a Quick and Easy Sawhorse

Sawhorses come in handy in a variety of situations. The first and most obvious situation where a sawhorse is useful is when you need to saw something. A sawhorse gives the board you’re sawing the support and elevation you need to make a clean cut. A pair of sawhorses can also be used to make a makeshift work table or scaffold. Just use the two sawhorses as the legs, and place a sheet of plywood over it. When I worked as a painter one summer back in high school, my boss would use a pair of sawhorses and an old door he found on the side of the road to make his worktable. Makeshift tables from sawhorses particularly come in handy when you’re setting up for a garage sale.

Saw Horse Plan

From time to time I have received requests for plans for simple saw horses. This is a project that seems to be built more out of necessity then a planned project and built with materials at hand rather than making a special trip to the lumber yard. But the plans shown here are from the saw horses I have used for an eon. They have held up to everything I have put them up to and are fairly simple to build so I will share these plans.

Use a Simple Mortise-and-Tenon Joint to make Shop Horses

Based on the trestles of a Japanese woodworking bench, these sawhorses are a good beginning joinery project. They’re constructed using the mortise and tenon, the fundamental joint in woodworking. The tenon (end projection) of one piece fits into the mortise (hole) in another piece. This project uses the draw-bore style of mortise and tenon, which is secured by a wooden pin that draws it tight and makes it look great.