Collecting Antique Tools

Antique Tool Collection

Antique woodworking tools

Collecting antique tools is a hobby onto itself. Older tools are collected by some because of their craftsmanship for actual use. Others as display pieces of a time past.

Antique Tools Collecting – Old Tools Are Fascinating Hobby

Collecting antique tools has become a popular hobby for many people. For some, the interest comes from tools they remember using in younger years, or watching a parent or grandparent use. For others, the intrigue comes from the design and technology of the tools. In all cases, much of the fascination comes from finding unusual tools or discovering tools of a type never before seen by the collector. One of the more popular lines of tools to collect is Stanley. Antique Stanley hand tools are relatively easy to find. The company has been in business for more than 160 years and has widely distributed a full line of hand tools for much of that time. Collectors attempt to put together collections of a particular type of tool, or full lines of tools as well as collecting antique tools catalogs.

Collecting Antique Hand Tools

Antique hand tools are something that every collector wants to see in their collection. Whether you are collecting antiques of all kinds or are specific to antique hand tools, there are many places for you to search for these unique collectors items.

Old Tool Photos

Old Tool Photos mission is to provide a place for woodworkers and tool collectors to view photos of antique tools for research and reference.

A Good Saw

Having collected and used vintage handsaws for many years, people often ask me, "What is a good saw to look for in antique stores and auctions, and how can I tell if it will cut OK?" There are many facets to this question. In this article I hope to answer this question, and give some pointers about how to recondition vintage saws and get them sharp again.

How to Clean a Saw

I'm often asked about the method I use to clean saws that I find. Typically, when you find a saw in an antique store or at an action, it has some rust on the blade, dirty handle and other cosmetic defects.

Tools for Collectors: Art Inside the Toolbox

There are solid tools for banging, cutting and smoothing rough things. Then there are tools for admiring as something more.

How to Preserve Antique Tools

Collecting antique tools can be an interesting hobby whether you know how to use them or not. Old tools give us a glimpse into how things were made before mass manufacturing became popular. Tools that belonged to someone we knew or loved, such as a great-grandfather's handcrafted screwdrivers, are a tangible link to our own history. Tools were designed to be hardy, so maintaining and preserving them is fairly easy to do. If stabilized now, those antique wood and metal tools will be around to help tell the history of woodworking for many generations to come.

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