Resurfacing Cabinet Options

Resurfacing Cabinet Options

Resurfacing Cabinets

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Deciding among refacing, refinishing, and replacing is a decision determine by a variety of factors including cost, age, condition, design, and utility. The goal made be to update the look, or to bring back the original look, or to completely change it.

Refacing Drawers

Making new drawers always takes a lot of time and wood. So when I was building a drawer chest to inside my lathe stand, I decided to try to reuse some solid but ugly drawers from an old dresser. So I experimented with refacing the drawers with birch veneer for a completely different look.

Replacement Cabinet Doors: A Guide to Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet refacing is a refurbishing process that helps improve the appearance of cabinets and correct minor surface damages. Homeowners cannot use this process to repair major structural damage to their cabinets or correct layout design. The most common type of cabinet refacing is replacing the cabinet doors and drawer fronts. By replacing cabinet doors, homeowners are able to alter the appearance of the cabinets without having to purchase or install entire new cabinet sets.

Cabinet Resurfacing - The Options

Deciding to resurface your cabinets is the first step toward reviving your outdated kitchen or bathroom. Bleaching, pickling, painting, staining and veneers are just a few of your options. Sometimes resurfacing your cabinets is as simple as slathering on a nice coat of paint. For a more unique look, or to preserve the beauty of your natural wood, you may need to consider other options.

New Cabinets Vs. Cabinet Refacing

Are you debating between buying new cabinets or refacing your old cabinets? There are many different considerations for you to think about. When homeowners become interested in remodeling their kitchen, one of the first targets for improvement are often the cabinets. If they're remodeling a bathroom, cabinets are often updated to better coordinate with the new theme. Regardless of what cabinets homeowners have decided to choose, they have the option to purchase new cabinets or reface their old cabinets.

Cabinet Resurfacing - The Benefits

While you may be tempted to just gut out your old, dirty cabinets and start all over, there are a number of benefits associated with cabinet resurfacing. This article discusses a few of them. Do you simply detest your kitchen or bathroom cabinets? Perhaps they're just too old or outdated for your taste. If so, you're probably tempted to rip them out and start all over. Before you do, consider cabinet resurfacing.

Reface or Replace?

If you are a homeowner planning a kitchen remodel there are many options for your kitchen cabinets to consider. This section contains original expert articles that will guide you step-by-step through the cabinet selection, renovation and remodeling process.