Various Joints

Various Furniture Joints

Don't worry here are even more joints.

Rabbet Case Joints

A rabbet is a recess cut across the end or along the edge of a board. Essentially it is a dado that has one side off the end or edge of the board. Rabbet joints usually only present end grain to long grain surfaces for gluing, and since this is a relatively weak situation, rabbet joints should be supplemented with fasteners.

Finger Jointing

Finger jointing lumber can reduce waste and utilize marginal material - and in depth article. In some instances, finger jointed lumber is actually preferred to solid, un-jointed lumber. With rise in the popularity of finger jointing lumber for a variety of reasons, almost everyone in the adhesive industry eventually becomes involved with it to some degree.

Slip Frame Joints

Slip joints are essentially open-ended mortise-and-tenon joints, and resemble simple lap joints. Essentially, they are formed by creating a slot along the end of one board, the same width as the tenon of the other board which is formed normally. The mortise slot is relatively easy to make on a table saw using a mortising jig, or even an appropriately-configured router.

Box Joints

This is one of those "fly by the seat of my pants" projects. Having never made a music box or a jewelry box, and not being able to find plans i liked, i was certainly on my own. I started with 1/4" cherry, an oval mirror, some hinges, catch and of course a music box.

Making a Dowel Joint

Whether you are making a simple box or an item of furniture, you will find that using a dowel joint can be useful. This type of fastening will allow you to create a strong joint, which will able you to negate the use of screws or bolts. Understanding the correct way to make the joint will ensure that you create an item that is strong and long-lasting.

Biscuits Or Butt Joints

High-quality, high-speed cabinet joinery techniques. If you are looking for speed, I don't see biscuits as being a step in the right direction. Pocket holes with a production machine would be faster. Doing dadoes is not that slow if you have a dedicated machine like a table saw or a vertical panel router to run the dadoes.

BeaLock Starter kit for Furniture Joints

The most popular furniture joint - the tenon - just got a whole lot easier. The BeadLock System is a dream to work with and delivers perfect mortise and tenon joints every time. Aside from their jig, the only tool required is a drill. You can now dispense with those chisels, mortising machines, table saw jigs and other endless supply or possible jigs and ideas.

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