Using Scroll Saw Patterns

Using Scroll Saw Patterns

There are different blades, different techniques, different patterns, and even different types of scroll work. You can learn to do them all or you can specialize in what you like. Whether you make your own or use ones you find on the web, you need wood patterns to do most scroll saw work. You can find free wood patterns on the web or buy wood patterns, and eventually you will be able to make your own.

Intarsia with a scroll saw

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The Trick to Cutting Detailed Scroll Saw Patterns If there was a magic formula I would give it to you, but there isn't. Cutting patterns is challenging, but scroll saw patterns are designed to have enough strength and stability so that they can be cut by most anyone with the patience and confidence to attempt it. Start in the center of the piece and work out, watch the order of your cuts and be determined to finish the piece and you will be surprised what you can accomplish. You don't need the top of the line saw, a hundred years of experience, or even divine intervention. You do need the desire to push yourself into working outside your normal comfort levels, and once again confidence.

Using a Scroll Saw to Cut a Spiral

A scroll saw is an electric tabletop saw, used for cutting a wide range of wood patterns. The saw has blades, which cut thin wood. The wood patterns are useful for decorations. Spiral blades facilitate intricate wood designs. They enable the cutting of wood that requires a lot of turning. The blades allow a 360-degree movement of your project while cutting. Safety is the first step. Ensure that your clothes are fitting properly and proceed to put on safety goggles, a dust mask and hand gloves.

How to Make Cool Wood Designs Using a Scroll Saw

I enjoy doing things like woodworking, building shelves, cages for my small pets, doing handyman stuff around the house. However I also enjoy doing some fun intricate carving work using a scroll saw. These are those medium sized objects that you see from time to time in a shop that have that 1mm wide, by about 5 inch tall blade. Those are for more intricate work with wood, or also they can be used to make some extremely cool pieces. It is simple and fun, it does take a little while depending on how much you want to do, but the longer you do it, and the more pride you put in your work the better it will turn out. The idea of scroll saw work is that you get a standard 1/2 inch by however big your object you want to cut out is, normally not much bigger than a 1ftx1ft. You draw or trace a pattern in pencil or pen, but I prefer pencil so I can redo it if I mess up. The picture itself is what you will cut out.

How to Make and Use Scroll Saw Patterns

Scroll Saw patterns enable you to make designs in wood, from straightforward to complex. If you're planning on making many woodworking patterns, you will ultimately need these. You can purchase patterns on the web, but it is also possible to find them for free. Start with easy designs and move on to tougher ones as you gain experience while using a saw. Free scroll saw patterns can be discovered on the web. Some patterns online are for sale and others are free. You may also buy them in pattern books. Some are available in books targeted around a theme, such as vacations or youngster’s designs. Print out the patterns you like as you find them, even if you are not planning to use them straight away. Free sites change frequently and the pattern won't be there when you want it. Employ a binder to store the patterns until you are ready to use them. You can photocopy your favorite patterns out of your books and add these to your binder too. This can help you build an in-depth, arranged collection of patterns for use in the future.

Wood Patterns

Six pages of wood patterns, pattern PDF at bottom of the page.

Free Craft Patterns

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Free Scroll Saw Patterns

Kids never seem to tire of playing with puzzles over and over. And these chunky pieces are perfect even for the smallest hands. Children just love the bold, colorful images of the animal puzzles. And everyone loves free scroll saw patterns. So pull out your scroll saw and get started.