Beginning Woodturning

Beginning Woodturning

Begininning Turning Gouges

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Woodturning is a hands on learning activity. If you don't have someone readily available to guide and direct you, you can pickup the tried and true basic from those actively turning and post on the internet.Nine Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me

After more than four decades of woodturning, it is difficult for me to remember how I first learned. I do remember seventh grade shop classes and also my father showing me the little bit he knew. Mainly, learning was by trial and error. As years went by, I got better at it, partly because I was exposed to some good books such as the classic by Frank Pain, The Practical Woodturner, but it became clear to me that woodturning was an obscure specialty. Many of the tools I saw in old books were not available.

Tips for Woodturning Beginners

Tips for woodturning beginner. Although I am not an advanced turner myself (I've only been turning for two years) I have learned some useful things from others and from experience.Here are a few tips to get you started.

Getting Started in Woodturning

"Which lathe should I buy?" This is a frequently asked question on woodturning discussion forums. As you should expect, there is no single answer that works for everyone's needs. Woodturning also involves much more than simply choosing a lathe. Getting started in woodturning can be a confusing and frustrating task. There are literally hundreds of tools and accessories available.

Turning Basics: History, Tools and Safety

Today, we have to look hard to find low speeds that slow, and higher speeds can range up to those that will toss even the smallest work right off the chuck if it is not securely fastened. Part of the art, and skill, of woodturning is learning the techniques that keep you safe. Woodturning is being discovered by many more people each year, and quickly shows itself deserving of a reputation as an art, though sometimes a simple one, in addition to being known as a complex and satisfying craft.

So You Want to Turn Wood.

So you want to try woodturning do you? Well I can tell you that it can be a wonderful and sometimes exasperating experience. I have been turning wood for about 5 years now. My turnings have become somewhat more advanced in the last year or so, and I seem to be partial to segmented turning, which involves cutting the wood into segments, and then gluing them together to form patterns in the wood.

Some Projects for the Beginner

Some projects for the beginner. Impress your family and friend. "Practice, practice, practice, and have fun with these projects while you do it.Welcome! Each of the projects here are relatively easy for the beginning turner to do but each one will also teach you a little more about turning. Have fun and practice, practice, practice.

Welcome to the World of Woodturning

If you are a newcomer to the great craft of woodturning, then these pages are designed to help you. Whilst nothing can replace the benefit to be gained from working under the watchful eye of an experienced turner, we can at least try to help you avoid the most obvious pitfalls.

Turning for beginners

Woodturning has progressed enormously in recent years and is now no longer just a means of producing functional items, but is fast approaching the status of an art form. To fuel this massive increase in popularity and demand, many woodworking machinery manufacturers have hurriedly added lathes to their range, but a good machine requires a number of essential features that are often overlooked in the rush to get new equipment onto the market.