Rockwell BladeRunner Review

Rockwell BladeRunner Review

Rockwell RK7321 Cutting Machine

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. It seems like a good idea, elements of a Saber Saw, a Jig Saw, Band Saw, and Scroll Saw, combo all in one small package. And it will work for some people. If you're looking for something to take to a job site, need to do some heavy-duty cutting, or need something to replace a couple of other saws, this is not it.

Rockwell RK7321 BladeRunner Review

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The BladeRunner is portable, versatile tool that combines features of a Sabre, a Jig Saw, Scroll Saw and Band saw into a tool that can cross cut, rip, and scroll through various materials like wood, plastic and metal. Although light-weight it has a solid base, sitting on four non-marring rubber feet, with low vibration when running. Although it can handle some simple cuts, it is best thought of as a Sabre Saw, with extra little capabilities.

Rockwell Blader Runner

The BladeRunner uses standard T-shank Jig Saw blades with a 7/8 inch stroke. By changing the easily interchangeable blades you can switch between materials, without having to change between tools. The quick-release wall mount is screwed into wall studs. Two guide rails or tubes with safety latches and landing pads connect the upper and lower assemblies. The wall mount supports the BladeRunner saw, but also features integrated storage for both the Picture Frame Cutter and Circle Cutter accessories. The motor has enough of power and it operates at a tolerable noise level. The variable speed feature is an extremely important to correctly cut different materials. It has two miter slots, an adjustable miter gauge, and blade guide rollers to ensure 90° cutting at all times. On the downside the saw's cutting capacity is very limited, 1 1/2 inches for wood, 1 1/4 inches for PVC, 3/8 inch for aluminum and ceramic tile, and 1/8 inch for mild steel. The depth of cut is limited by the upper blade guide arm mount to approximately 7". If you are use this as a hobby saw for small item, short cuts, or for quick DIY projects this may work out find.

The Rockwell RK7321 BladeRunner is compact work station, ideal for any garage and basement work shops; and for the right hobbyists this is a highly versatile addition to the home shop.

From Rockwell:

The BladeRunner is the ultimate cutting machine! The BladeRunner will cut wood, metal, plastic, aluminum, and ceramic tile with ease. There is no need for bulky workbenches or several different tools. With the BladeRunner, simply mount it to the wall with its included wall mount, and get the job running. Its portability is amazing since it only weighs 18 lbs and comes with a drawer that has the included 5 t-shank assorted jigsaw blades and miter gauge/rip fence. Tote this all-in-one Rockwell BladeRunner ultimate cutting machine to the job site with ease and efficiency with its instant blade changes and versatility of cuts.

Rockwell Saws: Rockwell RK7321 Details

* Includes wall mount, five t-shank jigsaw blades, & miter gauge, rip fence

* Durable, low-friction stainless steel table top

* Portable and easy to take anywhere since it weighs only 17.6 pounds

* For inside, miter, scroll, metal, tile, circle, and rip cuts

* 5.5 Amp input power, runs on 120v or 220v.

Rockwell RK7321 Cutting Machine | Rockwell BladeRunner Review