Humor in the Wood Shop

Humor in the Wood Shop

A few not very useful jokes relating to woodworking in general.

Woodworking Verses Golf

A Humorous look at which is better If you had to spend your time on only one hobby, which would it be, Golf or Woodworking? Compare these two Points of Pro's and Con's, then decide.

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Woodworking JokesA lumberjack from Ontario decided to tour across America, when he got to Oregon he fell in love with the area so decided to find a job and settle down. He applied for the open position of "Log Inspector" at one of the local mills so the foreman and the owner take him out to see what he really knows...A Treasury of rec.woodworking Humor

Here are some rec.woodworking posts archived by Google that I think are absolutely hilarious. A number of other posts, notably Dave Fleming's, are not available because the authors chose not to have their posts archived. Other funny stuff has been stolen and incorporated in my rec.woodworking Anti-FAQ.

Message from Discussion Shop Accident!

Since dust collector woes and questions occasionally show up in this

newsgroup, last year I shared my own sad tale of woe with you all. With

Christmas approaching and many of you thinking about dust collectors being the perfect present to give your wives, here's at tale that'll make your hair stand on end.

rec.woodworking's ANTI-FAQ

This is the rec.woodworking anti-FAQ. This anti-FAQ will be posted annually to rec.woodworking on the first of April. The purpose of this anti-FAQ is to minimize the amount of chatter about wood working on rec.woodworking, thereby making the newsgroup more lively and interesting to read.

Antique Jokes

Old jokes about antiques.