Furniture Restoration and Updating

Furniture Restoration and Updating

Furniture Restoration

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Refacing or upgrading existing cabinets are an easy way to upgrade a kitchens look without the full expense of replacing the cabinets.

Furniture Restoration and Repair

I developed this technique mainly to survive doing what excited me most in this world. It’s plain, simple and easily accomplished using off the shelf materials from any good hardware or building materials store anywhere in the country. I’ve worked my way from Philadelphia to Fullerton, CA using the same materials now that I used 25 years ago. No esoteric chemical formula, no experimentation with my bread and butter jobs. The artistic side gets exercised on my own stuff.

Cabinet Makeovers: Reface Kitchen Cabinets for an Easy Cabinet Makeover

Are you looking for a way to upgrade your kitchen cabinetry? Refacing is one option to consider. Has the paint or finish on your cabinets started to peel or chip? Are you looking for an affordable alternative to replacing your kitchen cabinets? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you may want to consider refacing your kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen Paneling Gives Detail to Kitchen Design

In a modern kitchen design, having a lot of stainless steel appliances is part of the style. In old world, Tuscan and other decorative kitchen designs, having the appliances hidden behind panels can suit the style of the room better. Kitchen paneling, whether utilizing wood panels similar to the cabinet fronts, or custom wood or metal panels, can help transform a kitchen into more than just a place to cook.

A Focus on Under-cabinet Lights

There are many places in the home that could use a little extra light. These areas include anywhere work is done; think about the places where you prepare food, do all that extra work that the boss shamed you into bringing home, or your workshop bench.

Finishing Schedule for Kitchen Cabinets

Nitrocellulose Lacquer Spray Finishing Schedule for Kitchen Cabinet, Bath Cabinet and where resistance to moisture or humidity is desired.

Cabinet Resurfacing: Veneers and Other Contemporary Coverings or Panels

Covering your cabinet doors in veneers or other unique coverings creates a brand new look for your kitchen or bathroom without the excessive cost or inconvenience of full cabinet replacement or refacing. From traditional wood grain to cork or sheet metal, today's cabinet market has so many unique and modern materials to choose from, you're sure to find something that just radiates your personal style.