Tips for the Handyman

Tips for the Handyman

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Gaining useful handyman skills is something earned over time by those with the proper aptitude. After gaining those skills many think of the possibility of making money by using those skill for others without the knowledge or aptitude.How To Start A Handyman Business If you have the necessary skills to be able to do the work then setting yourself up as a handyman for your local area is a great business to start, offering you plenty of flexibility, freedom, and potentially plenty of money too. Perhaps you have built up your skills doing DIY on your own houses over the years and have discovered that you have a talent in this area, or perhaps you have worked in the building trade in the past. Make a plan for the types of jobs your business will offer. This is based on your specific skills and what you enjoy doing. As your business, develops this may change. Decide whether you prefer long-term or short-term jobs. This will be a guide for the types of jobs that you advertise for your business.

Making a living as a handyman

The key to making a living as a handyman is knowledge, ability and customer service skills. Like any business owner you have to know your trade, and know how to handle people. Lot's of people make the mistake of thinking a handyman is just a guy who does little jobs on the side. The handyman is the original jack of all trades customer service representative. For the handyman of any skill level, there are a few general rules to follow in order to ensure quality service. Quality service leads to repeat business and word of mouth from your customers is the number one thing that helps you get your business going. Other important keys to success include the following factors.

How to start your own handyman business

In this article I hope to show people who have some construction and home renovation skills how to make money and even a decent primary income with very little or no investment to start. So if you're the kind of person who enjoys building, fixing or restoring things then you will see that it's not that hard to make money while doing what you enjoy. Yes, even during a recession. I started my business in 2005, the traditional way, as a contractor. I purchased all the materials for the customers and billed them later for it. I had to log in hundreds of receipts at tax time and spent countless hours behind a calculator and computer doing paperwork. I was never wired that way, to sit behind a desk doing paperwork is not for me. I'm a hands on, build it, fix it kind of guy. So, after a year of that nonsense I gave up and went to work for a construction company for 6 months, till I got a lay off notice. This time I was determined to make my own business work, but I wasn't going to do it the same way.

Home Repair and Do It Yourself Articles

Our Articles area with full-length home repair articles on do-it-yourself and home repair topics. Some are written by NH and others are contributed by professionals in their fields.

Handyman Business Tips

If you're good with tools, a handyman business may be the right one for you. But you also need to be a good business person if you want to make it a success. The handyman business is increasing in popularity as people no longer have the time they need to do things around the home. With a bit of work, your business will grow over time. You can purchase a handyman franchise if you want a business plan handed to you. However, handyman franchises are better suited for those who want to run a business. They assume that the owner of the company will hire workers to act as the handymen. If you enjoy fixing home problems, you should probably start your own business outside of a franchise.

Handyman and Home Repair Tips and Advice

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How to Maximize Your Living Space With Home Organization

Fall is here and it's time for some household maintenance: purging clutter! It's hard to know where to start when there is no order to begin with, so first, clear out and give away the junk you don't use anymore. If you haven't used it in five years, it needs to go. Try to surround yourself with the things that you absolutely love. Then, have a garage sale and enjoy the extra spending money. Once the clutter is gone, it's time to organize your home with what you have left. The key to organization is categorization. Group items that are similar together, so there is only one place you can go to for them. This will help you never lose them while also helping to keep the room clean and orderly. Everything must have a place. If you know where the "right place" is, the cleaning process will be expedited. No more shoving extraneous items in the closet.

Getting Perfect Home Fix-It Kit

Whether you live in the tiniest studio apartment in the city or the grandest many-stories suburban mansion, you will need a basic tool kit to handle the small fix-it jobs around your home. You don’t have to go out and buy an elaborate 400-piece tool kit with its own worktable at your local hardware store or home-improvement center. A simple plastic storage container with a handle (easy to purchase and simple to store), containing these few basic tools, will provide to be an invaluable aid for many of your simple home repair needs. One of the best gifts I received when I graduated from college was a simple but handy tool set from an eccentric aunt with a name badge on it. It’s been almost 10 years and I still have it and use it.