Woodworking Shop Class

Woodworking Shop Class

Whether you never had a chance to take a shop class, weren't paying attention if you did, or just want a refresher course, here's where you come to learn everything you ever needed to know about woodworking.

What is a Cutting List?

To understand what a cutting list is, what information it provides and why it is important to have an accurate and complete cutting list before you start a project.

Understanding Drawings

To gain an understanding of how to "read" a construction drawing. To better understand various views and projections and the meaning of line types and weights along with other technical aspects of basic construction drawings.

Calculating Board Feet

To understand how to determine the amount of lumber required for a project as generated by the parts listed in the material list.

Understanding Wood Distortion

Learn to identify the four principal types of wood distortion and how shrinkage differential is usually the cause.

Identifying Flatsawn, Riftsawn and Quartersawn

To be able to visually identify flat-sawn, rift-sawn and quarter-sawn lumber and understand how these three grain patterns are harvested from a log.

Using Blinds to Find Workable Parts

Learn to use "blinds," which are quick shop-made aids that can help you lay out and harvest portions of a board with similar or desirable grain patterns and direction.

Harvesting Cathedral Grain

Learn how to process boards with cathedral figure and remove or avoid distortions that are common with this grain pattern.

The Seven-step Process to build strong, seamless butt joints

To understand the logical sequence of tasks that are required to build strong, seamless butt joints.

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