CNC Machines, Jig Saw, and Sabre Saws

CNC Machines, Jig Saw, and Sabre Saws

A Computer Numerical Controlled – CNC machine is a computer controlled machine for cutting composite, steel, plastics, wood, foams and aluminum. Personal computer based control software has led to the development of personal CNC machines. This has allowed woodworkers to construct their own design using open source software. The sabre saws consist of a reciprocating cutting blade to conveniently cut through wood. A jig saw is more useful artistically all the cut of curves and shapes, like as stenciled.

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Buying a CNC Machine

CNC equipment can be a significant purchase for any shop, the machine plus training, and other cost mount quickly. A low end market is developing for hobbyist but even those are not cheap. Know exactly what you are getting into before you make that first purchase.

CNC Programming and Use

Learning to properly program a CNC machine is basic to any production level use. Don't overlook how important it is to both learn to program efficiently, and to have the program cut efficiently.

CNC Routers

CNC machine were once only use in larger production shops with larger runs because of the expense built into the machine. Recently the machine have come done in price, and have become economically feasible for even small shops, and some are in the range of hobbyist.

Guide to CNC Machine

CNC machines are available for the home workshop, the small manufacturer, and for the large shop. At the high end machine are able to do more and more, adding the capabilities of one machine to another. At the other end prices have dropped for base machine and are becoming more common place in small shops and with hobbyists.

Jig Saws The Jig Saw (aka Jigsaw) is a small light weigh electric hand saw, able to make curved or circular cuts, similarly to cuts from a band saw or scroll saw. When cutting curves through large sheets of thin material this is the saw of choice.

Using a Jig Saw

Jig Saws come as basic units, or with special features. All Jig Saws take a variety of blade options for different types of projects. Review which options you will need, and select a Jig Saw that is appropriate for you.

Sabre Saw

The Saber Saw (aka Reciprocal Saw) uses a toothed blade to cut wood or other materials, primarily it's used to slice material. Because of its size it's also useful for cutting in tight spaces.