Woodshop Tools and Equipment

Wood and tools are the lifes blood for every woodworker. When starting out in woodworking it involves the gathering of the correct tools to properly complete your project. As you advance in experience, your tool needs will continue to grow. As your skill and knowledge grows, so will your collection. There are a number of woodworking tools and accessories available for your wood shop to help make you more efficient, accurate and safe.

Woodwork Saws, Joiners, and CNC Wood Machines There are numerous types of woodwork saws, with the sole function of removing material from a larger piece and leaving a more useful or desired piece for construction. Joiner and Jointers will make your wood panels better prepare for assembly into your project. CNC wood machines are rapidly become apart of the home shop. Learn which is the best cordless tools and system for your shop.

Wood Routers

Woodwork routers are one of the most versatile tools available for your shop. The ever changing router, with its variety of bits and accessories, is being used for more and different activities than ever. Learn what the router can do, so you can fully exploit its power.

Cordless Drills, Drilling Wood, and Woodwork Clamps

You need the right drill for a job, and the right drilling technique to handle any situation. Having the correct drill bits and drill accessories allow projects to be done efficiently and more to the point correctly. The importance of good clamping systems in the shop is often overlooked, make sure you have the right clamps before you begin a project, and make sure you choose the right clamps for the long-term. The best cordless tool may not have the best battery, and the best priced tool may not have the power for need to complete your projects. Sometime it may be worth it to you to have a second (or third) battery system to get the best tools for your needs.

Hand Tools, Hand Planes, and Chisels

Non-powered hand tools are still important to any woodworker, and often the only tools in many shops. Power tools have taken over much of woodworking, but hand tools still have an important niche, especially to the craftsman. The proper inter-working of both powered tools and hand tools have opened woodcrafting to new hobbyist and new styles of woodworking.

Benchtop Tools

Benchtop woodworking tools comprise one of the few booming segments of the tool industry. This is obviously due to the number of amateurs and hobbyists who can jump-start their shops by a quick trip to Home Depot. Retail hardware stores now devote considerable space to stationary tools that would have seemed esoteric just a few years ago. You'll have no trouble locating tools for the Two-Car Wood Shop. But once you purchase a major tool, you're stuck with it for some time, so it's a good idea to understand what you're getting.

Planers and Sanders

Planers and Sanders are used to prepare the surface of wood panels for projects. Planers prepare wood for building a project, a sander finishes the wood for the project. Proper use and maintenance of sander and planers will allow your piece to be finish as close as possible to your original design.

Woodworking Jigs

Woodworking Jigs, basics, and more jigs.

Dust Collection

A dust collection systems helps keep your shop clean and will protect your health. Smaller dust collection systems use a single-stage vacuum to perform suction and filtration the dust is drawn into an impeller and collected in a container. Air is recirculated into the shop after passing through an filter to trap smaller particulate. Larger systems utilize a two-stage system separating large particles from fine dust, then drawing the air through the impeller. The air is then exhausted outsides or to a filtering system and recirculated back indoors.