Cabinet Design

Cabinet Design

Kitchen cabinet design includes both the design of the individual cases, the overall unit to be built, as well as, how they are integrated in the kitchen as a whole.

Determining the Best Cabinet Size for Your Space

While many homeowners initially base their cabinet choices on style or color, it is important to remember that cabinets are functional, not just decorative. Before you can settle on a certain unit, you must determine your overall space needs. After pinpointing your ideal cabinet space or size, obvious material and style choices may fall in line.

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Thinking of re-doing your kitchen floor plan? Here are four traditional kitchen cabinet layouts that can maximize space. A properly designed kitchen needs two things: space to move around and plenty of storage. Maximizing both these things take proper cabinet planning. Here are the four major design plans: L-shape, Island, U-shape and Galley. Free Kitchen Cabinet PlansHere you'll find a collection of free kitchen cabinet plans. I'll also try to include related stuff, like plans for toe-kick platforms, counter-tops, and the like. Since I'm not real familiar with face frame cabinets, these designs are of the frame-less type. And they're not just for kitchens. They're great for your office, library, garage, company lunchroom...the applications are nearly endless.

Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Whether undergoing a total kitchen renovation, or just refacing the cabinet doors, the kitchen design is can go nowhere without the style of the cabinets. Whether creating a Tuscan kitchen, or a modern style, the cabinet doors play a big part of how the kitchen looks and feels.

Kitchen Cabinets

Almost without exception, every household uses built cabinets. That is, their cabinets, whether used for books, dishes, or memorabilia, are brought into the house already built, or they are cabinets that are built by the homeowner. Often the user of these cabinets overestimates the strength of the cabinet shelves and eventually realizes the shelves are beginning to sag.

Designing and Installing Kitchen Islands

When planning a kitchen island think about leaving enough working room around your kitchen. Leave at least 3', hopefully more, between cabinets and other cabinets or appliances. Check for door swings of the appliances to make sure nothing hits. A kitchen Island can feel cramped if it has less than 4' around it.

Ideas and Tips for Resurfacing Cabinets

Resurfacing cabinets can be one way for homeowners to improve the look of their cabinets while staying within their budget. Read this article to learn about what coverings are available for cabinet resurfacing.