Building Children's Furniture

Building Children's Furniture

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Building children's furniture is a good way to learn the basics, and then you can upscale them for full-sized furniture. Children's furniture is also an excellent area for making sales over the internet.

Offering hand crafted children's furniture online for sale is a terrific niche market. If you drill down a bit more you will find that you can offer items like tables and chairs sets, small bookcases and wall decorations. People love anything that is handcrafted and do not seem to mind spending money to make their kids rooms look great. Add the fact the children's demographic is continuous, and you have a terrific market opportunity. Demand is strong for this market if you approach it with a good plan and a sensible mind.

Building Children’s Furniture, Part 1

Well it is the holiday’s and if you have some woodworking skills (and I assume you do) then putting them to work as gifts seems like a natural idea. I originally started out making kids furniture to sell on Ebay (highly recommended by the way, so go ahead and steal that idea).

Building Children’s Furniture, Part 2

After cutting all the parts and do a dry fit with clamps, you will next need to prep the stock. In my case I used MDF for the chairs and that means the end cuts have to be sanded. If you don’t sand them it will continue to suck up paint or primer forever. I recommend using an 80 grit then an 120 grit.

Building Children's Furniture, Part 3

The last step is the assembly. Hopefully you will have figured out your joinery technique before you have even started to cut any stock. I knew mine was going to be assembled with screws and glue. Now I know that some of you die hard woodworkers are snubbing your nose at my choice but I do have a reason.

Building Children’s Furniture, Final Assembly

Here are photos of the final assembly. You can gather a lot of information from looking at the pictures. The real fun is in the finishing artwork for your projects.

Making a Kid-sized Picnic Table

This picnic table is an ideal project for the budding young woodworker to test his (or her!) skills. The picnic table is an ideal size to seat children from the ages of about 1 year through to 7 years old. Although kids in this age group will obviously be too young to build such a table, this project is designed to be one that bigger kids can build for smaller kids.

Making Children's Furniture to Sell

If you are thinking about getting into the E commerce business you might want to consider making or supplying children's furniture as a product line. This is exactly how we got started and I am going to show you the steps of how we did it with a particular product line that we manufactured. You many wonder why I am giving away this knowledge.

Finishing Children's Furniture

So, for children, what is durable? (Can last through the little one's exploration, if a glass of milk is left on the surface for a day, if parents use various cleaning products, etc.) What is safe? (So they can eat, play, drink, and create, all on the same surface.) What is affordable? (I have a few tools in my room and some outside; I don't have the option of spray rooms or days and days of sanding, prepping, sanding, coating etc.)