Cabinet Doors and Drawers

Cabinet Wooden Doors and Drawers

installing drawer hardware

Properly installing door and hardware proper showcase your finished cabinet and assure that they will be properly functioning into the future.Taking the Pain Out of Drawer Installation

Hate installing drawers? We can sympathize. Getting things to work out right can be a fairly challenging, time consuming, and even frustrating process. For drawers to travel smoothly, and end up in the right position when they’re closed, everything has to line up just right. This is especially true when it comes to drawer slides, which require a degree of mechanical precision, and can be unforgiving, even of slight errors. Awkward work deep inside the cabinet - measuring, drilling and screwing in screws - compounds the difficulty. Still, there’s hope. Here are a few suggestions that we hope will take some of the pain out of the process.

Building Raised Panel Doors

Raised panel doors have been around as long as woodworking itself and continue to be a favorite for enhancing a wide range of projects. The look of sophistication and craftsmanship raised panel doors provide is, if my email is any indication, both beautiful to the viewer and intimidating to new woodworkers.

Replacing Kitchen Cabinet Doors: A Cost Effective Way for a Kitchen Makeover

Almost without exception, every household uses built cabinets. That is, their cabinets, whether used for books, dishes, or memorabilia, are brought into the house already built, or they are cabinets that are built by the homeowner. Often the user of these cabinets overestimates the strength of the cabinet shelves and eventually realizes the shelves are beginning to sag.

How to Install Cabinet Door Pulls

Once you finish a cabinet remodel you still need to install the new cabinet pulls. There are a few simple tricks to use to ensure the job goes quickly, smoothly and will look great. So here’s a quick guide on how to install cabinet door pulls.

Guide to Choosing a Concealed Hinge

Carving wooden corbels and capitals would add a large amount of labor and cost to any project, but can also add a valuable design detail, when used properly. When the furniture or cabinet will gain from such a design detail, there is an excellent option to hand carving these complicated components.

Understanding Hinges

Adding new hardware and hinges is the secret to a spectacular kitchen update. The style of hinge you choose, however, is dependent upon the type and style of your cabinets. To fit your exact needs. In this article we'll discuss the options and differences so that you can become "hinge wise", and add a dazzling new touch to your cabinetry design.

Drawer alignment made easy

Aligning drawers doesn't have to be a time-consuming process. With this simple technique, we show you how to quickly install perfectly-aligned drawers. It's a tricky, time-consuming business to install overlay drawer fronts. The tough parts: aligning the fronts with each other and any adjacent doors and keeping the spacing consistent. To solve these problems, I use a very simple and fast technique -- spacers.

How to Build Cabinet Drawers

If you have an old bookcase or open shelves that would look better if enclosed, why not learn how to build cabinet doors for them. This woodworking project is easy, and yet it renders magnificent results. The bookcase featured with this article was open, allowing all the mess on the shelves to show.

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