Basics of Furniture Making

Basics of Furniture Making

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Basic Amish Chest

Starting with the basics of furniture building, the skills needed to build highly crafted piece can be acquired. By carefully choosing which projects to build, you can acquire useful pieces of furniture and gain skills for the more advanced pieces.

Easy Woodworking Projects to Decorate Your Home

Here's a collection of easy woodworking projects to decorate your home. From building a dressing mirror or a wall room divider yourself, to hiding wires and messy shelves, or creating the illusion that a long hallway is shorter and a TV hutch isn't there at all—these easy woodworking projects are sure to be fun, and the results will be stunning.

Whatever your dream for a rustic look, you are sure to find something in this collection that will help you along. Many of these projects are so easy to do and you can complete them in less than a day. Some make wonderful gifts as well so if you know someone else who just loves the country, rustic look, make them something to brighten their own decor. The projects use all sorts of materials, many of which are really inexpensive or even cheap in some cases.

Furniture Basics

Making fine furniture starts with the basics. Practicing basic techniques, just to improve on them, is not only a very good idea, it is a necessity. When I'm in the shop, and either don't feel like working on a particular project, or just need a break from the rest of the world, I will follow along in the path of previous master craftsmen who, while training apprentices, would have them repeat the same task, sometimes for weeks or months at a time, until they master it. The only difference is there is no master to guide me.

Furniture You Can Easily Build Yourself

Many are thinking about how to ‘keep green’ with cool furniture. Building your own furniture can be rewarding in its own right, but creating unique, inexpensive and fun furniture can really make a shabby house a fun home.Spending high and looking pricey is out and getting great deals, doing it yourself, and going green are the popular way to go right. You can ignore the pricey imported furniture, and take a trip to your local junkyard instead. Not only will you not lighten your wallet, but you’ll impress your friends with your hip furniture. Here’s a few things you can build yourself.

Must-have measurements for comfortable seating

Thinking about designing a chair but struggling with determining the dimensions and angles that will guarantee maximum comfort? Then let us introduce you to the guidelines established by the furniture industries. Also, to help with your visual understanding of chair design, we letter-keyed the guidelines for the seat, back, and armrest dimensions and angles to the drawings below. Now, try them out for a chair that looks right and feels great.

Want Cheap Coffee Tables? Then Build Them Yourself

My first set of coffee tables where some scrap white pine boards sitting on top of cinder blocks... now that's a cheap coffee table! As my taste in decor evolved, I thought it might be nice to have round coffee tables, so I put a pair of cable spools to good use. Glass coffee tables were merely a whimsical fantasy.

Wood Waste: How Much Should You Plan

While most of the fun of woodworking is in building custom and unique projects, the downside is wood waste. Nobody likes it, but it’s just a fact of woodworking. When you sit down to figure out the amount of wood your project requires, there are a number of things you should account