CNC Programming and Use

CNC Programming and Use

The CNC lathe is an electronic lathe that uses a computer program to move the blade into the right position, and perform a number of different cuts to the wood. The initials CNC stand for Computer Numeric Control, and means that you can control the lathe automatically, rather than having to use it manually. Learning to properly program a CNC machine is basic to any production level use. Don't overlook how important it is to both learn to program efficiently, and to have the program cut efficiently.

CNC Shark Pro Wood Router

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CNC Programming I've programmed CNC routers a long time. I have little to no errors and do it pretty efficiently. After reading and replying to the "BobCAD" thread, many questions surfaced. How do *you* do it? In simple 2-d programming I would make a drawing, pick a starting point, drop my cutter to the proper height, pick a direction and machine that chain of entities.

3D Reliefs for CNC Routers Instead of G-Code

You have now finished your DIY CNC router, or you went out and bought one. You've been waiting years for this and now it has finally happened. But by now your girlfriend is jealous because you don't spend enough time with her, or worse your wife is pissed off over all the money you have spent on this funky looking contraption. You think to yourself I'll show her, I'll go out to the shop or the basement and I'll make a thingumabob that will really impress her.

Getting into the Game

This article is a brief introduction to the world of CNC routers used for woodworking applications, primarily at the hobbyist level. CNC is the generic abbreviation for Computer Numeric Control which is generally understood to mean an electronic computer running some form of machine tool through a series of motions controlled by software.

Speeding Up CNC Router Production

Tips on operation, loading and unloading for efficiency. We have had our machine since February and have made great improvements. We cut out parts for sofa frames from a sheet of plywood. At first, to get the machine quickly in production with minimum knowledge, all we did was nest parts and cut them out.

Using CNC in production Today

Production has come a long way. Today a lot of companies are using CNC machines to not only produce their products more efficiently but to make items with a "wow" factor like never before. Computer programs and graphic programs can pretty much carve or cut anything that you can put on paper or design. This not only opens up design capabilities it gives you the woodworker a huge step up in what you can offer your customers or even your family.