Plunge Routers and Wood Routers Explained

Plunge Routers and Wood Routers Explained

Modern wood routers have been adding more capability and additional accessories. These new capabilities are allow woodworker to do this they recently were much more difficult to accomplish. Knowing the capabilities of your router will allow you to enhance your projects in ways you may not initial think possible.

Modern Day Advancement in Woodworking

As cars change to super cars and computers to supercomputers, so has the simple woodworking associates' wood crafting enthusiast. Woodworking dates back to the olden moments of the ancient world, and it has also evolved along with everything else on the planet. So contemporary day woodworking has become a lot simple over the decades, considering the amount of effort that the innovators has consume in making modernistic day router tables much more user friendly and efficient.

How a Plunge Router Works

A plunge router is a type of router that is placed directly on the face of the work or material being cut, usually wood, metal or plastic. When the motor is turned on the cutter is slowly lowered into the work, cutting into it. To use a plunge router you need to select and insert the right bit and choose a depth. Make sure that you select the right bit before you begin any project using a plunge router, as each bit is capable of offering numerous types of cuts depending on what depth you set. To load the bit depress the spindle lock with the router unplugged. Depending on your particular set up, a special wrench may be needed. It may be necessary to putting the plunge router on its side to insert the right bit.

How to Use a Plunge Router

A plunge router is a great tool for adding detail to wood work, or to make your own custom trim pieces. You can create your own trim, add fluting work to crown molding, and even create intricate designs in the middle of a cupboard door. Many homeowners will also use a plunge router to cut out the space for a sink in a counter-top, or clean out an area for a door hinge. Plunge routers quite versatile in how they can be used. However, there are some tips to use these routers correctly.

How to Use A Router For Cutting A Stop Rabbet

A stop rabbet is a rabbet which does not extend to both ends of the edge in which it is cut.

Bosch Routers: the best routers that money can buy

The very name of Bosch Routers gives people a confidence in the machine that we are handling. Bosch routers are very versatile machines which can do a broad range of work for the woodworker. The range of activities starts from the precise plunging of the piece of wood to the formation of edge. Bosch routers are also capable of trimming the laminates and also dovetails and other similar joinery.

What is a Woodworking Router and what can it do

The first routers were of course hand operated and were similar in appearance to a flat wood plane but having interchangeable narrow blades rather than the large flat blade. These blades would be shaped to make a grove or round the edge of the timber.

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