Armoire Details

Armoire Details

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Hinge Mortising

It is said that the devil lies in the details. That is, a project can be made or broken by the way small details are handled. I was installing the hinges in the cabinet doors today and it occurred to me that my way of doing so may not be the best way. I think the method works OK, but I do wonder if others do it differently.

Attaching the Face Frame

This Wardrobe/Armoire is only the second time I’ve used nails to attach a frame to a carcass. Interestingly, the other time was also a wardrobe. For years I have resorted to either biscuits or dowels or just glue. I hate biscuits and dowels are finicky.

Hats Off to the Pros

At least it is usable, and I can stop rushing. I hate working like this. Today I built the door handles twice, and I am not happy with them. The first time my wife vetoed them as she did not like that they were in Jarrah and created too strong a contrast (which I liked but I was not happy with the shape), and so I made a new shape, but I am not happy with their thickness (that is easy to change). However I am not so sure I like the Tassie Oak for the handles.

Drawer Design and Drawer Bottoms

Well my wife's brother and family left for home (in New Zealand) yesterday and I managed some hours in the shop today. I have the weekend and then back to work on Monday.

Building the Drawer

I had a couple of hours after work today and got into the workshop. Just in case there is any idea that my shop is the show piece in my reviews ... onto the slips and the drawer bottom. The slips are going onto three sides. The fourth is where the panel slides in (and so screwed). The Kauri panel is a little over 5/16" thick and feels pretty stiff, so I have decided to go without a dividing muntin.

Completion of the Project

When I began building the Armoire I decided to post the steps on the forums with the hope that it created interest and discussion, and that out of these discussions we could debate different ways of design, construction and technique. It was also my intention to include some of these discussions - or at least the ideas - in a series of articles on my website.