Woodwork Saws,  Joiners, and CNC Machines

There are numerous types of woodwork saws, with the sole function of removing material from a larger piece and leaving a more useful or desired piece for construction. Joiner and Jointers will make your wood panels better prepare for assembly into your project. CNC wood machines are rapidly become apart of the home shop.

Table Saw Blade

Band and Miter Saws A Band Saw uses a blade made of a continuous band of metal with teeth along one face to cut material. The Miter Saw is a saw used to make precise crosscuts and miters in to a piece.

Woodwork Saw

Circular and Radial-Arm Saws The circular saw is a metal disc blade with saw teeth on the edge, along with a motor that causes the blade to turn in circular motion. A radial arm is a saw consisting of a circular saw mounted on a sliding horizontal arm

.Scroll Saw A scroll saw is useful for cutting intricate curves in cases where a jigsaw and cutting curves with edges.

Table Saw  The table saw typically is the workhorse of your woodshop,  it is the most versatile and productive of any woodworking tool. 

CNC Machines, Jigsaw, and Sabre Saws

A Computer Numerical Controlled – CNC machine is a computer controlled machine for cutting composite, steel, plastics, wood, foams and aluminum. Personal computer based control software has led to the development of personal CNC machines. This has allowed woodworkers to construct their own design using open source software.The sabre saws consist of a reciprocating cutting blade to conveniently cut through wood. A jigsaw is more useful artistically all the cut of curves and shapes, like as stenciled.

Joiners, Jointers, Power Saws, and Saw Blades

A biscuit or plate joiner is a woodworking tool used to join two pieces of wood. A jointer is used to produce a flat surface along a piece of wood.

Selecting the Proper Saw Blade

The secret to proper cuts on the stock in your woodworking projects is to use the right saw blade. Of course, the saw blade that you use should be sharp enough to cut cleanly through the stock without burning or tearing the wood.  If you purchase quality carbide blades, they can be sharpened by a professional saw sharpener, which will increase the life of the blade. Some companies that make high quality saw blades, such as Forrester, offer sharpening services through the manufacturer's website (for a fee, of course). However, quality blades can be sharpened a number of times, which will help justify the increased initial cost. Better quality blades will cut quicker and cleaner, and keep their edge longer.