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Understanding which wood works correctly for your project is important. Knowing which wood not is use can be more important. There are many factors to consider workability, strength, flexibility, appearance, cost, and safety, among others. It is also import to look at the individual piece of wood you are going to use to make sure it is appropriate for the object you are building.

How to Transform Found Wood Into Usable Stock

Over the years, we have published several articles about freshly cut wood. But for me anyway, one question still remained. "How do you section and cut your way from an irregular-shaped hunk of wood to work that works for your project?"

Wood Toxicity Chart

If you are uncertain about the health risk of a wood you are using, please check its toxicity level before you start working with it. Wood dust is dangerous.

Potentially Toxic Woods

I can't judge with any authority the validity of the information presented here and it's up to the user's discretion to further research any wood themselves.

Common Wood Defects

Wood is far from a stable, consistent material. One of the biggest challenges of woodworking is learning to work within the constraints of a wood's properties. But before you can expect to work within these constraints you must understand them.

Wood Database

The wood database was created so that wood workers can obtain quick and accurate information on any wood species available. The database is not complete yet. It is a continuous project and with the help of members we can build this database up. The end goal is to build the most accurate and complete worldwide wood database available.

Not All Hardwood lumber is equally good

So you want to build a hutch or put down wood flooring in the living room. The question is which hardwood lumber is the best wood that works the job. The answer is not difficult if you learn a little about the characteristics of hardwoods and what gives them their unique qualities.

How to Save Money Buying Wood

Buying wood is an expensive proposition. Once wood is used in a project it is gone forever so making smart purchases is very wise. Lumber is always expensive no matter what type or cut you are using.