Cabinet Refinishing Techniques

Refinishing Cabinets and Door

Various refinishing techniques can be use on cabinets. These techniques can range in complex, and well as range in the finished look.

Kitchen Cabinets

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A Guide to Updating Cabinets Updating your kitchen cabinets may provide your kitchen with a fresh look. This article discusses options such as painting cabinets, adding wood cabinet details and installing new cabinet hardware. If you're looking for ways to update your cabinets without having to replace them, there are a number options to consider and, since you can do many of these improvements yourself, they are often money savers. However, such cabinet projects may take some time to finish.

How To Glaze Your Kitchen Cabinets

Every kitchen needs its own character and adding a glazing technique can differentiate your cabinets from all the others. In general, glazing is easy and only takes a few hours to apply. Glazing your new or old kitchen cabinets can add character and rustic style. It is a do-it-yourself procedure that can be done as a weekend project. There are no special techniques or skills involved - all you need to do is take time to create your own style.

An Overview of the Best Cabinet Restoration Techniques

Do you want to learn more about cabinet refurbishing techniques? Do you know the difference between refinishing and resurfacing cabinets? Read this article to learn about these cabinet restoration options. Restoring kitchen cabinets is one way to bring a kitchen up to date. It is the little things like the color of the finish, style of the doors or type of hardware that can make kitchen cabinets feel like they belong in a different decade. There are two main ways to refurbish cabinets: refinishing and resurfacing.

A Guide to Kitchen Cabinet Makeover Techniques

Could your kitchen cabinets be spruced up a bit? How about getting new hardware, painting the cabinets or adding trim molding? Cabinets are a dominant feature in any kitchen. They often help set the tone and style of a kitchen. When it's time for a change, cabinets are a good place to start. Here are some ideas to makeover kitchen cabinets.

Techniques for Finishing Cabinets

Applying new finish can bring life to any cabinetry. Each type of wood has different tones which affects how dark or light the finish will appear.

Tips for Re-staining Wood Cabinets

Re-staining can bring cabinets back to life without having to spend a small fortune. It is also a project that can be completed over a few days rather than a few weeks. For crafty homeowners, they can do it themselves. Homeowners who are interested in doing themselves can look on do-it-yourself websites for detailed instructions and materials lists.

Overview of Common Cabinet Resurfacing Techniques

Have you decided to change the surface of your cabinets? You could use paint, laminate or wallpaper. When homeowners decide to resurface their cabinets, they have several options to choose from. Here are some of the surface styles for homeowners to choose from.

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