Carving Simple Household Items

Carving Simple Household Items

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Carving a wooden spoon

There are a lot of simple, and not so simple items, that can be carve for use of decoration around the house. Carving simple practical items will all you to make something useful, and use new techniques and gain valuable experience as you learn to carve.How to Carve a Movable Wooden Chain

Keep carving away until the last link is complete. Should you want to extend the wooden chain, carve another length of chain. Then carve out a single link that is split in half. Use the split link to connect the chains and glue the link together.

Carve a Wooden Address Sign for Your Home

Many homes make due with plastic or metal numbers nailed to the house or door for address identification. Rather than copy this boring trend, consider carving a wooden address sign for your home. With a few power and hand tools, it is easy to make a beautiful sign that will both decorate and give needed information to visitors and deliver drivers.

Floral Clock

This quick and easy woodworking project has been created for our new 'Floral Clocks' package. Requiring only basic woodworking skills and common tools, the Floral Clock blank can be prepared in just a hour or so in your wood shop, ready to carve this afternoon.

Making Diamond (Willow) jewelry

Two things got me started making jewelry and ornaments out of diamond willow. One was a comment made by a woman who saw some of my other work and suggested that earrings would be a nice thing to have. This was at a time when wooden jewelry was relatively popular. The second thing that got me started was a surplus of small pieces of diamond willow. Some of these were too small to be used for my usual craft objects, and some were too rotten to do much with.

Carving a Wood Pendant

Over the years, I have carved a lot of personalized things as gifts for friends. One such gift that I really enjoy carving is a personalized pendant. Everyone has a “handle” (hobby, sports interest, art interest, etc.) and I have found that a personalized pendant makes a great and well received gift… and I love doing them.

How to Carve a Wooden Spoon

There are many, many wonderful woods in the world. Some are soft (like pine) and others are hard as nails (like oak). You want to make spoons from woods hard enough to stand up to the job they do, yet not so hard you get frustrated on your first carving project. I recommend starting with something like cherry wood. It's hard enough for any kitchen spoon and fairly easy to carve.

Project: Whittling a Wooden Utensil

Transform clear straight-grained scraps or wood salvaged from tree pruning exercises into functional sculpture. No matter how plain or detailed you make wooden spatulas and spoons, a homemade one will upgrade the basic wooden utensil into something special, sure to inspire the domestic cook.