Cutting Dado Joints

Cutting Dado Joints

Cutting Blades for Dado Joints

Learning to cut dadoes correctly is a useful skill that any woodworker show be able to master. Deciding the technique or techniques that can be learn adds more skill to a woodworkers toolbox.Woodworking Dadoes, Rabbets and Plows

The dado, rabbet and plow are fundamental cuts used within woodworking projects. These three cuts provide groves within the workpiece to make joints. The dado is a square groove cut across the grain of the workpiece. The plow is a square groove cut with the grain of the workpiece. The rabbet is a square open-end groove cut at the end of the workpiece.

Cutting Dados on the Router or Table Saw

So your project calls for some precise dadoes to be cut. Some are through dadoes and some are stop dadoes. Having never cut one before, which tool do you reach for?

Router Table Insert Plates

It has been an interesting week in reference to router table insert plates. Lots of questions and lots of comments on different types of plates. One of the biggest comments has been why are router plates all different sizes? I think the best way to describe it is money. If a manufacture can make their shape conducive to their own brand they will keep you locked in as a customer.

Skillsaw blades as dado blades

What I had done quite often was to just make a series of side by side cuts to approximate a dado. With a thicker saw blade, fewer cuts are necessary to remove materials. And it occurred to me that maybe I should just put two saw blades on the saw side by side to remove more material. But why stop at two?

Using a Radial-Arm Saw to Cut Dadoes

I was wondering how safe ripping and running grooves with a radial arm saw is, and why I can only find them from Delta - has some other method of crosscutting or mitering wide boards and running dadoes the short length of long boards phased it out? For the work I've done in the past, I usually set a fence on the piece and run the router, but against grain cuts are messy and moving the fence every cut is too time consuming.

Cutting Dados Like a Professional

In the world of carpentry, the importance of making dadoes is undeniable, that is why one of the most often-asked questions about dadoes is how to efficiently cut them. The two popular tools utilized for making them are a table saw and router. Although both are capable of getting the job done, these two still have their respective limitations. That is why when it comes to making one, what tool to use depends deeply on the situation at hand.

Woodworking Joints: How to Cut Dado Joints

Dado joints are popular woodworking joints. A dado is a rectangle grove cut into a plank of wood and a dado joint is a working joint, done to join two planks of wood together with the help of adhesives, fasteners and bindings. The process of cutting is simple and can ensure immense strength in your project if done properly.

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