DeWalt DC825B Cordless Impact Driver Review

DeWalt DC825B Cordless Impact Driver - Review

DeWalt DC825B Cordless Impact Driver is a very compact yet powerful tool that is excellent for driving screws in nearly every application. This Impact Driver produces a maximum 1330-inch pound of torque that enables it to perform a wide range of applications, and having a top-speed of 2700 rpm and its frame-less motor has replaceable brushes for extended tool robustness and life.

Impact Driver in Use

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The Impact Driver is an updated and improved DeWalt DW056 Impact Driver. The DC825 features a bright-LED light beneath the chuck connector. The Impact Driver can sink deck screws smoothly without the tool twisting or pulling in your hand. There is no combating with the continuous twisting that can cause a significant amount of arm fatigue over the course of a workday. The impact driver has a heavy-duty impacting mechanism that directs the torque towards the fastener instead of the user, without kickback, but will produce slightly more noise than a standard drill. The driver’s compact size allows for access into tight areas, and its lightweight reduces fatigue for comfortable use over extended periods. The Magnesium gear case and all metal transmission for extended durability Heavy-duty impacting mechanism directs torque to fastener without kickback 1/4-inch drive hex shank with quick release for fast bit changes.

While 18 volt cordless drills have always done a well driving screw, they traditionally bog down when driving long screws into hard wood. They slow-down, cut out, and in a short time they overheat. This impact driver will not, it works on a different system, using a motor-driven hammer to repeatedly hit an anvil that in turn drives the shaft. The DeWalt XRP battery remains a good battery choice because of its extended run time, while usually allows for about eight hundred recharges before replacement.

The DC825 is great for driving for driving lag screws or anything comparable but shines in less demanding tasks like running deck screws. It is considerably better at removing rusty or stripped screws than a using a drill. When you buy adapters buy high quality impact bits, the impact driver has enough torque to snap an adapter, and it will.

The DeWalt DC825B Cordless Impact Driver is an exceptional tool for any woodworker or handyman who need a driver for medium or light work loads. If your projects require driving a lot of screw you will definitely prefer this driver to using a drill. The anti-slip grip is contoured to fit either your right or left-handed grip comfortably, while giving full control over the tool.

DeWalt DC825B Cordless Impact Driver