Wood Carving Basics

Wood Carving Basics

To carve efficiently, your tools must be razor sharp. They should leave a shiny cut through the wood, with no white streaks that indicate a nick in the blade. To determine the direction of the grain, look at the long cell fibers. The darker streaks of the annual rings can help indicate the direction of the grain. Carve in a downward direction onto the parallel lines of grain. Note, if the wood seems to be tearing, and your tools are sharp, then you are probably going in the wrong direction. Turn around and carve in the opposite direction. You can also carve diagonally across the grain and even parallel to it, but if you carve upwards against the grain, it will only tear and splinter the wood.

Wood Carving – Where to Start

And between your idea - or vision - and when you put chisel to wood is a vital 'preparation' stage: the process of gathering information, sifting, selecting; designing with the wood, the viewer and 'what you want to say' in mind. Far more carvings fail because of the design or lack of preparation that in the sheer technical carving ability. (Think of crudely carved ethnic sculpture that is simply fabulous to look at.)

What is Woodcarving?

Woodcarving is a broad term encompassing any form of working wood with a tool into some sort of aesthetic object. One would rarely refer to a non-aesthetic form of woodworking as wood carving, but some woodcarving may be functional, as with artisan chairs, instruments, or paneling. Humans have been wood carving for thousands of years, and examples of this form of art can be seen in almost every society on the planet.

Simple Wood Carving Craft

This easy wood carving craft takes between ten minutes and an hour to complete, depending on the quality of the product desired and the skill of the wood carver. This wood carving craft is great for beginners to attempt.

The Art and Craft of Wood Carving

Sure, wood carving may not be the most desirable or sought-after hobby, but taking a large (or small) block of wood and turning it into a work of art is nothing short of amazing.

Wood Carving Basics for Beginners

Wood carving is an art form that transforms and brings wood to life. Learn how to get started in wood sculpting and wood engraving.

Beginner Instructions for Wood Carving

Wood carving is a relaxing, enjoyable and often profitable hobby. Whether you prefer to do it the old-fashioned way, whittling on the front porch with a knife and whatever wood is handy, or using the most advanced power cutting tools on the market, creating your own wood carvings can bring you a great deal of satisfaction. It is easy enough to get started in wood carving by beginning with a simple project that requires few tools.

Learn How to Carve and Sculpt Wood Into Art

What used to be referred to as whittling, something done by fathers and grandfathers to pass the time, has evolved into a full-blown pastime. Walk into any book store and it's easy to find an entire section devoted to wood working and wood carving. Carvers can peruse dozens of monthly magazines devoted to the hobby or take a trip to the hardware or hobby store and find scores of tools designed specifically with wood carving in mind.

Basic Woodcarving for the beginner

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