Dust Collection from Tools

Dust Collection at the Tool Level

Collecting dust at the individual tool level rather than the shop level is often a good idea. Although dust collection of tools is often difficult to do well, and can be more trouble than it worth. But a combination of a good shop-wide dust collection system, coupled with tool level dust collection is often the best option available.

Table Saw Dust Collection

Table saws pose a pesky dust collection problem. Here's a handful of tips and suggestions. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to hook a table saw up to dust collection? We've got a pipe hooked into the cabinet at the floor of our Delta Uni-saw (right tilt). We don’t want to use anything that hangs over the blade. Sealing around the motor and still being able to tilt and raise/lower it seems to be the real problem.

Improving Table Saw Dust Collection

Advice on how to improve dust collection for a table saw, especially when using a zero-clearance throat plate next to the blade. As the new year hits us, I'm thinking about ways to improve my shop. I like using a homemade, zero clearance throat plate for my table saw (10" Jet) to prevent tear out on the bottom of the board. However, it seems to hinder dust collection. Has anyone ever drilled a series of holes (3/8", 1/2" or ?) in the throat plate to allow more sawdust to be drawn down through the sawdust collector?

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Contractor saws are notorious for shooting sawdust. Adding a dust collection port to the bottom and connecting it to even a powerful dust collector usually doesn't do a whole lot of good. The sawdust that doesn't get sucked into the dust collector tends to bounce off the dust collection chute before it shoots out of the machine with incredible velocity.Dust Collection for Sanders?

Unfortunately, a big dust collector is not the ideal tool for the job of collecting dust from portable tools. Although the suction seems pretty good in a 4″ tube, performance take a huge dive when the pipe is reduced to the size of the tool’s opening. Think of it this way, the big dust collector is meant to move huge volumes of air at a relatively low velocity. A portable dust extractor, or a shop vac, moves small volumes of air at a higher velocity.

Router Table Dust Collection

I ran across this very unique item at the IWF trade show last week. The funny thing is, I have been meaning to design something like this for a couple of years now. It is exactly what I had in mind and you can tell that the designer is a woodworker.

Dust Collection At The Lathe

As an answer to the questions about collecting dust, shavings, and debris at the lathe. I started with a packing box so I could "cut and fit" while I tried to find a way to install a permanent collection hood that would still give me access for turning and sanding. In the end, the permanent solution was to find a better box. If I want a larger hood, I get a larger box.