Hi-Performance and Sliding Table Saws

Hi-Performance and Sliding Table Saws

High Performance Table Saws

With some time and effort it's possible to turn a so-so performer in to a high performing Table Saw. A properly set-up and maintained table saw will outperform machines that are not, by a wide margin. Sliding Table Saws

Every once in a while I go out on a limb and try some radical thinking. I try to think outside of the box and ask myself, If I could have the ultimate time saving device, what would it be? This question should be the center of everyone who is in the woodworking field. How do you get more time and safety out of your tools?

Improving Table Saw Performance

As durable as most table saws are, they do require attention from time to time. If you're table saw is is leaving rough saw marks, burning wood or bogging down when you rip average stock thicknesses, chances are something's amiss, and it's time to diagnose the problem. Fortunately, in most cases that problem can be easily fixed with a table saw "tune up" or a modest investment in a new, or more appropriate blade. In this article, we'll take a look at the most common table saw problems, offer some advice on getting your saw back on track, and point out a few resources for more in-depth table saw research.

Making a Performance Table Saw Part I

The problem with portables and contractor saws is very often they just don't do the same quality job a cabinet table saw does. This is because they are not setup. No one has taken the time to set these saws up so they can make quality, accurate cuts. Well ... I have news for you. With a bit of work, your portable or contractors saw can often do the same or even better work than cabinet saws three or four times the price.

Making a Performance Table Saw - Part II

As a woodworker, you can only do so much upgrading of your table saw without spending some money. This article will tell you how to make your table saw really "sing", it may cost you a few dollars.

Tune a Table Saw For High Performance

Are table saw tune-up kits really worth the money? We replaced the belt and pulley on our table saw for an extended test. Here are the results. Woodworking catalogs offer table saw tune-up kits with a link belt and new pulleys. We wondered whether these items and changes make a difference, and whether they are worth the money and effort. To find out, we got a kit and installed it on a Delta contractor-style table saw.

Table Saw Tuning

Let me start by saying that I tend to fall on the “less picky” side when it comes to machine setup. Personally I don’t believe that a pair of calipers or a dial indicator is necessary to set up any woodworking tool. But I don’t consider the table saw to be one of them. That being said, I would never discourage someone from trying to get things as close to perfect as possible.

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