Pumpkin Carving and Wood Burning Techniques

Pumpkin Carving and Wood Burning

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As your wood carving skills advance you will be able to expand the scope of what you can accomplish will those skills. The are a variety of materials, methods, and accessories that you can use to increase you carving horizons.

Pumpkin Carving: How to Carve your Halloween Pumpkin


No Pumpkins are not wood, but they this is one time people you don't know will come to your home a see something you have carved.  Pumpkin Carving can be done in a traditional Halloween style, or a more modern style can be used.  Power tools, especially the Dremel have recently be used to quickly make intricate carving which can show off you talents, at least for a short while.

Five Pumpkin Carving Tools Everybody Should Own

You want a jack-o-lantern that looks like it was carved by a 6-year-old, by all means stick with the spoon and kitchen knife combo that you've been using since you were a kid. But if you want a jack-o-lantern that will terrify the neighbors until mid-November, you're going to need a better tool set.  With these five classes of tools at your disposal, carving the best jack-o-lantern on the block will be scary easy. If you've got a secret weapon or preferred tool in the seasonal War on Gourds.

Henna & Wood Burned Pumpkins

Something different I’ve noticed this year are all of the light indigo colored pumpkins and gourds– they are beautiful! A muted shade of blue with little specks of white showing through…these have got to be my favorite ones of the season. It’s always fun to come up with new ways to decorate them, and I’m really excited to share this DIY with you all. I’ve carved, painted, and decoupaged pumpkins before, but never did I think to incorporate henna and wood burning techniques until now. Here’s how to put a unique twist on holiday pumpkin decorating.

Pyrography Fundamentals   

Wood Burning (Pyrography) can be use on wood carving to enhance there look, or as an art form on its own.  Learning was can be done will simple wood burnings tools can help guide your carvings.

Introduction to Wood Burning

Learning wood burning (Pyrography) will not only help will the finished look of your carving, it also open the door for working in a new medium.  Pyrography can be done both on wood and a variety of other materials.

New Ways to Decorate Your Halloween Pumpkins

From decoupaged to hand-painted, this crop of clever farm-fresh pumpkin ideas is ripe for the picking,  our best ideas for painting, decorating, carving, and displaying your Halloween pumpkin.  Owl Pumpkin, plus many other ideas I need to remember before I carve my pumpkin this Halloween.  Halloween decor doesn’t always have to be orange and black. I  left you tips so you can replicate them yourself this weekend with your squad.

Related Carving Mediums for the Wood Worker

Once you have acquired wood carving skills, there a variety of mediums that you can put them to use on.

Wood Carving Ideas

There are numerous creative ways to show off your carving talents, but traditional and not.  By exploring different ideas and style you will discover how you will express yourself in you carvings.

Dust Collection and Wood Carving Accessories

If you only whittle once in a while when you're bored you won't need to be added accessories to your tool collection, but if you intend to carve seriously there are a number of accessories you need to consider.


Pyrography Basics: Techniques and Exercises for Beginners

Gourd and Pumpkin Pyrography