Woodworking and Woodshop Projects

Woodworking Fundamentals and Woodshop Projects

Learn the Fundamentals of Woodworking, learn which tool to use and how to utilize and care for your tools. Develop skills in the use of hand and power tools using them safely and effectively. By understanding the basic concepts and techniques, you’ll learn the skills needed for your wood shop projects.

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Woodworking PursuitsAre you a woodworker? Do you know a woodworker? Do you enjoy doing woodshop projects? There are a lot of folks who do a little woodworking but you may be surprised at how many diverse skills fall under the woodworking umbrella. Beyond basic home repair and carpentry there is an amazing variety of woodworking disciplines. You are probably familiar with cabinet makers and furniture makers, but did you know there are woodworkers who specialize in gun furniture? (The stock on a rifle or the grips on a pistol.) Some woodworkers focus on toys, or cue sticks or puzzles. Bowyers make bows (and arrows.) Luthiers make stringed instruments like guitars and violins.

Woodwork Fundamentals

Welcome to Woodworking This article is aimed at anyone thinking about starting or re-entering into the hobby of woodworking. There are about as many reasons to start woodworking as there are people thinking about getting into it. Fundamentals Of Woodworking.com is targeted towards beginner and novice woodworkers, with hopefully, enough information that the experienced hand will keep coming back for a look around.

Wood Glues and Fasteners

There are two basic ways to fasten together wooden objects, glue and fasteners. Having the correct glue or fastener can be critical to the accomplishment of any project. Knowing which adhesive to choice or which fastener can be extremely important to you pieces. Glue not only will temporary help align a piece at glue up, but will permanently strengthen the joint.

Introduction to Wood Types Each variety of wood has its own characteristics to be thought-out when building a project. The type of wood you choose determines its attractiveness through color, texture and the strength of your finished piece. Use of Wood and Veneers For the elements of any project that will show, particularly for projects where the natural wood is planned to be a design characteristic, thought should be taken to select the grains and natural attributes that will best fit your plan. Wood veneer is frequently used on common or less costly materials to give them a superficially attractive facade.

Woodshop Project: Terms, Tips & Tricks, and a Little Humor

What does that mean, and how do they do that, and a little humor to break up the day. Tips, tricks, and hints, along with some terminology and jargon glossaries, and a small collection of woodworking humor.

Back To Basics Woodworking Book Series

While the subtitle, ''Straight Talk for Today's Woodworker'', for the ''Back to Basics'' series might imply that these books are designed for all woodworkers, they are, in my view, particularly relevant for novice woodworkers. The authors rely largely on illustrations, and these are, in general, quite good. Almost every topic is accompanied by at least one illustration. The authors clearly have a good grasp of their respective subjects and know how to explain both simple and complex concepts clearly...these books contain a lot of reliable information that any novice woodworker will benefit from.

Shop Class

Whether you never had a chance to take a shop class, weren't paying attention if you did, or just want a refresher course, here's where you come to learn everything you ever needed to know about woodworking.

More Shop Class

Amateurs and experts alike will greatly benefit from these step-by-step lessons. More from Woodworking.com.