Woodturning Jigs

Woodturning Jigs

More advance turning project require more advance jigs. Often if you find a job repetitive and difficult there is a jig to make your life easier.

lathe duplicator Jig

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Pen Sled Making your own pen center bands, or making segmented pens, can open up a lot of creative territory to explore. However cutting small parts on the table saw can put your fingers in harm’s way. A band saw is safer, but doesn’t cut as precisely or leave anywhere near a glue ready surface. This article describes a dedicated Pen Sled with a hold down that holds the stock securely, even for small segments, and keeps your fingers well away from the blade.

Plans for a Frame Miter Sled

This article contains plans for the frame-miter table saw sled I use for cutting frame-mitered ring segments. I use sleds for cutting segments because they can quickly cut perfect segments that require almost no sanding.

Build A Surfacing Jig with A Router

Used with the jig your router becomes a surfacing tool for large pieces of rough stock. Built from 3/4-inch plywood, the jig consists of a track for the router that slides along two runners fixed to a work table.

Turning Tool Rest and Grinding Jig

One of the hardest, and most frustrating, things that you have to do as a woodworker is sharpen chisels.

Lathe Drilling Jig

Drilling accurate holes in a workpiece held in the lathe can be difficult to achieve accurately, especially if the angle to the wood must be repeatable.

A Jig To Make Tapered Rings

The jig consists of two parts, and rather than telling you how to make one I will make the drawings as clear as I possibly can. I am sure that after you study the drawing, you will have little trouble making this jig. I will however, give a few pointers to make sure that you do it right the first time.

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