Introduction To Woodworking Glues

Introduction To Woodworking Glues

Modern glues continue to evolve with the chemistry behind them. New adhesive open up new opportunities, but allow have new issue to be dealt with.

Super Glue

Cyanoacrylate Glues, or, C A glues made by Satellite City, are industrial strength super glues, which are available through woodworking supply outlets . They are a stronger version of the ones found in your local hardware stores or home centers.

The Titebond Glue Family

Modern wood glues are stronger than ever because of the extensive chemistry, engineering and testing that goes into their development. Franklin International, the maker of Titebond glues, is a leader in the woodworking adhesive industry because of their expertise in all of those areas. Woodworkers everywhere depend on Titebond glues, with good reason, when building their projects.

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Epoxies are one of the things in the cabinet makers bag of tricks, that can really save the day! Available in a five minute cure, one hour cure, and various other formulas, they are one of the secret super heros in the woodworking trades. Why Cyanoacrylate Instant Glue Spouts "Clog"

If you have problems with clogged spouts, please read on.

Titebond HiPURformer Advanced Bonding System

Hot melt glue guns have been around for a long time but enjoyed limited interest in the woodworking community. The problem has been the perception (right or wrong) that glue sticks were meant for craft use and did not provide sufficient bond strength for woodworking.

Contact Cement

Contact cement does have it's purposes, it's just nobody knows what it is. Just kidding. It has proven to be a valuable asset, and although has somewhat of a bad reputation, with cabinet and furniture makers, it can be handy to have around. We might use a quart of it over the course of a year.

Cold-Heat "Freestyle" Cordless Glue Gun

The Cold-Heat Glue Gun really is a modern day version of the hot melt glue gun crafters have been using for years. By using modern battery and electronic technology, the folks at Cold-Heat have eliminated the cord and much of the waiting time from this tool.