Woodturning Ideas and Projects

Basic Woodturning Project Ideas

Links to number free woodturning projects for both the beginner and advanced turner. You will find woodturning ideas for art pieces, hobby work, practical and fun, and the numerous techniques that come with them. Different turner will follow there own primary path in the wood work, but there are always other paths to explore and enjoy. Woodturning provides a nearly endless stream of variety of object and techniques to make and finish these items.

Turning Projects

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Woodturner Christmas Gift Ideas

Basic Woodturning Ideas When first turning you need to jump in and get some hands on practice. Begin with some easier project learn from your mistakes and produce some pieces to get you rolling. Basic Projects will teach all the different skills you need to do more advanced projects.

Beginning Woodturning Projects

After starting with simple projects for practice you can move up a little and try your hand on some simple yet practical projects. Continually trying something different, but keep things inside your skill level until you are comfortable with the different techniques.

Pens and Peppermill Projects

Turning Pens and Pepper mills are projects than in reach of newcomers to turning. Once the basic are learn you can make piece to show off your new skills, and they even make good, unique gifts.

More Advanced Projects

Once all the basic are mastered woodturners have the ability to make a range of useful and beautiful piece. Advance project use advanced techniques and long-term learned skills.

Lathe Projects

There are a number of homemade projects that can be made in the wood shop to enhance the woodturning experience. They may not be woodturning projects, but they are in reach of most anyone with basic woodworking skills.

Making your own Woodturning Tool

Making your own tools is a make you are getting the quality you desire at of a less expensive monetary cost. Many custom turns do not have a commercial equivalent, so been able to make you own tools can be invaluable for a variety of woodturning ideas.