Using Dado Joints

Using Dado Joints

Using a dado joint opens up a large number of options, and techniques. Knowing which techniques are available opens a wide range of design options.

Fastening Dado Joints

Fast techniques for assembling dadoed cabinet boxes. I dado my cabinet box tops and bottoms into the sides, then pre-drill and screw to fasten them. Can I get away with a faster type of fastening system, keeping the dado? Anyone using staples or nails?

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Cabinetmakers explain why they like dadoes. Each kitchen I do I contemplate on leaving out the dados but just don't like the looks of a butt joint. There just seems to be too many little gaps that I can't get rid of no matter how tight I crank the pre-finished 3/4" ply that I use.Cutting Dadoes and Spraying

Finding the best order to assemble, finish and dado. Do you finish cabinet sides and other parts before dadoeing or after? Currently I cut the parts and dado, then finish, but I know that the finish can damage the effectiveness of the wood glue. On the other hand, dadoing after finishing seems to always produce scratches.

Dadoeing Face Frames and Cabinet Assembly

Cabinetmakers discuss techniques and fine points of cabinet construction using dadoed face frames. Currently using a dado blade on the table saw making all the dado cuts on an assembled frame. What have you found to be the best method to cut dados in face frames? A router table or panel saw with router attachment?

Using a Stacked Dado Set

Woodworking is filled with "special tools" that are only good for one or two jobs. The only problem is they do such a good job for their special design that using alternatives can be tedious at best. Such is the case with dado blades. They are only good for taking out huge chunks wood, but in most cases trying to do this other ways takes so much time, most of us would not bother.

Multiple Dados

I needed to make a rack to fit in the top drawer of an Ammo Cabinet to hold pistol magazines. I want to use a series of half lap joints to form the pockets of this grid, so there was a fair amount of planning that must be done to insure proper fit in the drawer and the magazines.

Dado Accessory Joinery

In joinery and some other special applications, it is often necessary to make a cut considerably wider than the saw kerf. For this type of work, a dado accessory is usually used. A dado accessory consists of two outside blades, four 1/8" and one 1/16" chippers that are used between the blades. Width of cut, which can range from 1/8" to 13/16", is controlled by the number of components that you mount.