Basic Woodworking Terms

Basic Woodworking Terms

Understanding woodworking jargon can be a task onto itself. If you are a beginner or an advanced woodworker with have a list for you.This is a compilation of various basic glossary covering numerous woodworking terms.

New to Woodworking Glossary

Basic term glossary.

Wood Working Glossary

Complete definitions of common terms used in the wood working industry.

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Welcome to WoodZone's Glossary of Woodworking Terms. Definitions / Glossary

The following are basic definitions for commonly-used woodworking terms and words. Woodworking Glossary Woodworking Terms Glossary.

Glossary of Terms

Wood shop Tips glossary of terms.

Glossary of Wood Finishing Terms

Wood finishing Lingo

Router Bit Terms

Router Tables Depot glossary page on router bit terms.

Tools Explained: Definition of Tool Terms

This was posted to the Old Tools list its been going around for a while.

Hand Tools Glossary

Glossary of standard hand tools.

CNC Definitions

There are a few terms one needs to be familiar with in reading CNC related web pages.

Antique Glossary

This is BrownOwl's Antiques Glossary.