Adhesive Choices

Adhesive Choices

There are a lot of glues on the market some standard some exotic, some for general use some specialize. The also do in a range of prices and delivery system. Make the right choice in adhesive can be the difference between a piece holding together for years, and falling apart almost immediately.

Cold Press Veneer Glue

Cold Press Veneer Glue. Manufactured by Tite Bond, this adhesive is specially formulated for veneer work. The term, "cold press", refers to the fact that many commercial veneer presses are heated to accelerate the curing process.

Shelf Life of Yellow and White Glues

Yellow and White glues have a shelf life of about 8-12 months after which they should be thrown away.

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I have an opportunity to buy a used glue pot from a fellow who closed his shop down. He bought it from the people who sold him his HESS clamp. I have it at my shop right now but have not yet put any glue in it. I did charge it with air and this is what we have observed.Glue Injection Techniques

When laminate or veneer is lifting, you can make a slit, inject adhesive, and clamp for a clean repair. Here are some detailed tips on getting the glue where it needs to go.

Woodworking Glues

Confused about white versus yellow glue? Or what glue is best for marine applications? Or for repairing antique furniture? Or for securing a loose fitting joint? Or for stabilizing a crack? Or for temporarily holding a part in place? Well, here's a short primer on woodworking glues that should help shed some light on these types of questions.

Pick the Right Adhesive for the Job

Adhesives have been through many changes in recent years. There is now a huge range of products and new or improved formulations appear all the time. Better still, most labeling is now much clearer than it was a few years ago, to finding the right product for the job is considerably easier.