Beginning Wooden Carving

Beginning Wooden Carving

Learning to carve involves finding projects that you reasonable believe you can complete. With each subsequent project you want to find something that is progressively more challenging and will allow you to develop you own artistic style. Needing only a few simple tools and your own inspiration, these projects are suited to building greater skill through challenging projects. Letting your imagination run will allow your creativity to take over while creating impressive and beautiful objects.

Wooden Sculpture

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Basic Fish Beginner Project

Try a few more simple stylized carvings before moving on. We have added patterns for Christmas Decorations that may be carved in this same manner. Soon you will feel comfortable enough to go on to more detailed relief or articles in the round. You will be able to do any of these projects with the 3 basic tools mentioned in the FAQ page as long as you keep your tools sharp.

Scraps of wood multiply in my work shop. The size or shape of this simple project allow you to use scraps of wood. This is 1/4" thick wood, but you can increase the pattern size and you thicker wood. Enjoy carving these quick and simple faces and you'll have fewer scraps in you shop.

Starting the new hobby of wood carving

Starting a new hobby can be confusing. There are many chisels to choose and you can be tempted to buy too many. Some may never be used. It is better to have a basic tool kit to start with and then expand when the need arises. The types of hand tools which are essential are noted, showing what they are used, so that you can decide which chisels suit you the best.

Whittling a 'Cartoon Style' Caricature Carving

I start the carving by cutting out the side view on the band saw since this is a rather small carving. This also gives you a little leeway in creativity with your carving. Always maintain your center-line. Carve by blocking out areas and keep things in their block form as long as you can.

Lessons in Making a Soap Carving

Soap carving is a fun and easy way to create sculptures from a bar of soap. As opposed to wood carving, which is harder and more dangerous and should only be done by experienced individuals, anyone -- from young children, to those new to woodcarving -- can enjoy carving creations from soap. The resulting sculptures can then be displayed, or used as soap. Soap is fairly soft, so a sharp knife is not absolutely necessary. Plastic knives, spoons, or Popsicle sticks would also work. This is especially important to note if younger children are doing this project, to prevent any accidents from using sharp knives.

How to Carve a Wooden Pipe

Do you have interest and skills in wood carving? Do you like to explore and try the different methods of carving? Do you want to create useful things or products out of high quality wood? Then express your artistic side and showcase your talent. Impress your friends and families by making an attractive and useful pipe. Below are the fundamental steps that you can follow to learn how to carve a wooden pipe.

Carving a Nose

Here is a simple wood carving craft that can be accomplished by a wood carver of any skill level. Carve a 2D man or woman figure from a piece of wood lathe. This easy wood carving craft takes between ten minutes and an hour to complete, depending on the quality of the product desired and the skill of the wood carver. This wood carving craft is great for beginners to attempt.

Carving Lesson

Carving does not have to be complicated to get started. There are woods that lend themselves for carving. The softer woods and woods with little grain will be easier than a wood like Oak. However, Oak can be carved. There is no requirement to have basswood and you can get started by finding a piece of wood that will fit the project or you can glue up some white pine dimensional lumber from a local supplier. It is a good idea to make sure you have two good sides to make the joint invisible. Popular woods are cedar, basswood, tupelo and pine or woods belonging to these families. Yellow pine although a pine is very hard.

Beginners Carving Corner and Beyond

This site is intended area to aid the beginner carver find projects on the web to aid in their carving experience. Discussion of projects, tools, materials and general wood carving information. An item of importance is a good knife and keeping it sharp and getting it so. The knife I use is a plain bench knife, it has a fixed single blade with a wooden handle. am in Florida, with very little to do except whittle and carve; and that's they way I like it.