Cutting Joints

Cutting Joints

Each joint is cut in its own specific way with it own techniques. Each joint is used for a specific purpose so that each method of cutting is needed if that situation should come about.

How to Make Tenon Joints

Tenon joints are among the strongest types of joints to be found, which is why they’re so common on furniture. Done well they’re also largely hidden from view and make the work look cleaner. The tenon and mortise can be made in different ways (there are specialized tools to create them, for instance), but the traditional way still works very well. It’s important that the tenon fits snugly into the mortise for stability.

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Step by step instruction to cutting and open Mortise and Tenon Joint.Cutting Lap Joints in Wood

Lap joints are joined pieces of wood that overlap each other at the point of union. In doing so, the overlapping pieces of wood do not alter the thickness of either piece. They are cut in such a way so that the pieces are joined without adding height. There are half lap joints and mitered lap joints.

How to Cut a Mortise and Tenon Joint in Wood

If you are looking to produce a strong joint for a piece of wooden furniture, a mortise and tenon joint is considered to be the best available option. By following a few simple steps, you should find that this type of joint is relatively easy to construct.

How to Cut Box Joints in Wood

Box joints were used to join pieces of wood together to make boxes, before plastic and cardboard were invented. Boxes put together in this way were normally used to store fruits and vegetables. It was, in fact, the cheapest method because there was a large amount of pine available, hence making it very cheap.

How to Cut Butt Joints in Wood

Joining two butt joints when woodworking is a very basic principle. A butt joint simply refers to the ends of two separate pieces of wood, joined together. The most basic example would be creating a raised flower bed; you will have four corners, where two pieces of lumber are joined together at a right angle.