Jigs Basics

Jigs Basics

Woodworking Jigs and safety, Kreg k4, Shelf Pin Jigs, Templates, and Introductions to Jigs and Joints.

How Woodworking jigs can improve safety and precision

Woodworking jigs are a necessary part of any woodworking shop. They are great for repetitive tasks in many wood working projects. They make complex projects easier to manage and faster. You can purchase pre-made jigs or make your own. Although they are inexpensive, making your own from scrap wood is even cheaper. Depending on the type of projects you like to do, you will need a variety of different jigs.

Model K4 Kreg Pocket Hole Jig Review

Kreg hasn't built just a jig, but a complete system that removes all the measuring and guesswork involved in doing pocket hole joinery the old fashioned way. If you can make a few simple adjustments, you can do pocket hole joinery the Kreg way.

How to make shelf pin holes that line up every time

There are many different jigs out there that will help you make this simple shelf support system. And they work fine, but how often do I need to do this particular operation? Not too often, so why spend money on a jig...make yer own.

Introduction to Woodworking Jigs

If you're a beginning woodworker, you've probably heard an old pro talking about using or making a jig. You might think he's off his rocker and about to break into an Irish dance, but what he's really talking about is a type of tool that's a must for any serious woodworker.

Making Templates and Jigs for Woodworking

Whenever we do a project that has the potential to be built again, or if the design is somewhat difficult, we'll spend the time to build a jig. This is a process that pays back big dividends, and has been practiced for hundreds of years.

An Introduction to Woodworking Joints

Limiting yourself to using just a few basic woodworking joints also limits what you can achieve with your woodworking projects. On the other hand, learning new methods of woodworking joinery will teach you new skills and open up a whole new world of creativity.

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