Table Saw Basics

Table Saw Basics

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The table saw is probably the single most important piece of equipment to the average woodworker. You need to know exactly what can be done with the table saw, and what should be done with it.

Table Saw Basics – Part One

For any table saw to perform at its best, it must be properly aligned when set up and then checked regularly thereafter. Even the sharpest, most well-designed blade cannot cut cleanly unless the blade, fence and miter gauge (also called a miter guide) are precisely aligned.

Table Saw Basics -Part Two

If you learn nothing else about the table saw, get it firmly in your head that in a fight between a spinning blade and your fingers, you lose - every time. The only reasons for your fingers to be near the blade are poor technique and even worse judgment.

Where Do I Stand at My Table Saw?

I get a reasonable number of questions regarding the best/safest place to stand while operating a table saw. I believe most folks asking this question are simply trying to be as safe as possible.

The Table Saw

The table saw is the heart of most woodworking shops. This is true whether it's professional shop, or a basement hobby shop. In general, no project regardless of size is done without one. It is often one of the first pieces of equipment to be used.

Selecting A Table Saw

The question "which table saw should I buy" or a variation thereof is one of the most frequently asked questions on woodworking forums. When the question is so broad in scope, it is difficult to answer. Even when the question is between types or brands, an adequate response would be quite lengthy and dependent upon several factors.

Woodworking Table Saws

To decide which of the different table saws on the market is the right one for you depends on some basic questions. This article would like show what to look for when you look into the table saws market. Some key points distinguish good table saws - because not simple horse power or size is what matters.