Mitre Saws: Using a Miter Saw

Using a Miter Saw

Sliding miter saw

The Miter Saw is a precision cutting tool and must be used correctly to get the optimal output for you project. Understand exactly what you are doing with the saw and you will increase your output while making the best possible cuts.

Clean Cutting With A Miter Saw

Power miter saws rank second only to tables saws in wood shop popularity, and behind only circular saws at construction sites. So if you're among the many who regularly use a miter saw, you'll find these tips will make your sawing safer and easier. Hurried house framers are particularly guilty of this: physically pushing the blade down into the wood as fast as they can. Of course, a good miter saw with a sharp blade will cut faster than you can push it down anyway. All you end up doing is making a lousy cut.

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If you have a sliding miter saw, then you can adjust it to fit different sizes of wood into the table, and also to cut different angles. In order to do this, you will have to move the sliding miter saw along the table. This will allow you to position the sliding saw wherever you wish.Bosch Slider That Isn’t A SliderI love the capacity I get from a sliding miter saw. Where most miter saws cross cut to 6” – 8”, a sliding saw can crosscut out to 12-1/2” or so. Very useful in the shop. What I don’t like about sliding saws is their mongo footprint. You’ve got to have a lot of real estate behind the tool to allow the saw’s tubes room to travel.

Choosing a Miter Saw Blade for Your Cutting Project

Choosing a Miter Saw Blade for your cutting project will greatly depend on whether you are doing rough-cuts on 2x4s, or fine woodworking projects. Believe it or not, the quality of the saw blade will make a greater difference than the quality of the saw. For this reason, it is important to choose the correct saw blade for the job you will be undertaking, as well as considering different saw blades for different applications

How to Cut to Length Accurately With Your Miter Saw

Woodworking is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding endeavors that anyone can participate in. Homeowners take pride in the projects that they accomplish to add value to their homes. But, there is one area that they often have trouble with. Measuring and cutting to length.

How to Properly Use a Miter Hand Saw

A miter hand saw with a box is one of the ways that you can obtain an accurate cut to your miter projects. You don't generally use a miter hand saw for large pieces of wood. It is designed for more precise cuts on small wood, such as molding, baseboards and other trim.

How to Use a Miter Box

With today's obsession with power tools, many people have forgotten about tools that used to be common place for home improvement projects. The miter box is one of them. Before the invention of the miter saw, this nifty device was use to create perfect angles in a piece of wood.