Cordless Drill Sets

Cordless Drill Sets

cordless drill

Over time cordless tools have and will continue to replace corded power tools. Most top of the line cordless tools work just as well as there corded counterpart, as battery technology improves corded power tools will become more obsolete. Cordless drills are a convenient tool to have, they are inexpensive, and can be used for many applications.Cordless Drill

The only major difference between a good new cordless drill and non-cordless drill is the absence of the power cord. With the new more powerful batteries, up to 36 volts, you would need a very specific reason to buy a corded drill over a cordless. There is a wide variety of drill choices that you can buy. This is good for the consumer, however it can also get confusing so here are a few considerations to take note.

Cordless Hammer Drill

The cordless hammer drill action is nowadays found on many drills. When first introduced on cordless drills, the hammer movement was not very powerful or a very reliable feature. With improvements in power cell technology and popularity of cordless batteries, and the hammer feature cordless drills has received greater and greater esteem. Let's look at the cordless hammer drill to see if it is really a viable alternative for a professional woodworker.

Cordless Drill Reviews: We Work 10 Drills to the Limit

Cordless drills hit their stride when manufacturers introduced the lithium-ion battery several years ago. These batteries combine huge energy density with light weight. (It's no wonder they're slowly replacing nickel-cadmium batteries.) Tool companies launched their lithium-ion revolution with big 28- and 36-volt models--tools that had great power but were also unwieldy. Now, virtually all manufacturers have added much nimbler 18-volt models. That kind of shift is PM's signal to get to work, testing to see how well these drills meet a homeowner's real-world needs. We gathered seven drills and spent two days hammering them for all they were worth. Here's what we found.

Buying a 24V Cordless Drill

Each and every house or apartment, whether personal or business, finds the need of having handy equipment nearby such as a 24v cordless drill. The drill, though not quite common is a very handy and efficient tool to have around in the house, taking for example that one needs to hang a new towel rack on the wall. One has the trouble of fixing the screws through the dry concrete, but with a drill. One will just drill holes in the wall and then fit them with wood studs, then easily screw the screws in the studs without any critical damage to the wall. No matter the work the drill is assigned, one problem still exists; length of the extension cord. In most scenarios the drill is a tool that is restricted to its distance from the power source, unfortunately other technologies like internal combustion engines cannot be placed in the design of the drill, but wait, there is a drill that one can use all round the house regardless of the power source; the 24V cordless drill.

Selecting Your Next Cordless Drill

This week our old cordless drill died, and it’s time for a replacement. But with so many new technologies and so many almost (but not quite) identical units on the market, selecting a cordless drill/driver can be challenging. Gone are the days where there were only two drills on the shelf to choose from; your average Home Depot stocks over 40 of them.

How Not to Use a Cordless Drill

We're all about education here at Pro Tool Reviews. It's important to us that we ensure you have the reviews, how to's and project know-how to be successful in your professional and homeowner projects. With that said, we always encourage users to pick up a tool and use it for anything they can think of... Well, almost anything they think of. There are times when it seems that we are also exposed to very obvious exceptions to this rule. You may not save a life or be considering a Guinness World Record, but we thought this an interesting walk down the many different ways people use cordless drills to their advantage... and their detriment.

Cordless Drills Buying Guide

The cordless drill is an essential tool for the do-it-yourselfer. It offers ease of use, convenience and flexibility that are hard to match with a corded drill. Yet, when you begin shopping, you'll see a multitude of cordless drills from which to choose. While your first inclination may be to buy the biggest one you can afford, you may not be making the best decision. This cordless drill buyer's guide will help you determine exactly what type of drill will deliver the results you need and help you avoid overpaying for capabilities you'll never use.

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