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How to Build a Cornhole Board Game

Cornhole Board Plans Building Instructions

Cornhole is a lawn board game in which players take turns throwing corn bags (cotton duck bags filled with feed corn) towards a raised game board with a hole in the end. These game boards are generally built with plywood or plastic and are often decorated. A corn bag in the hole scores 3 points, while one on the platform scores 1 point. Play continues until a player reaches the score of 21.

unfinished Cornhole Board

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Cornhole Board Plan PDFBuild your Board

There is only one measurement that we will not duplicate perfectly and that is the 3” front end of the boards. As much as we’d like our boards to match that measurement, our primary goal is to provide you with an excellent Cornhole set that is easy to build. Most do-it-yourself boards do not meet the 3 inch requirement. Rather, our cornhole boards measure around 3 to 4 inches at the front edge which is more than adequate for a good old game of Cornhole and certainly makes the building process a whole lot easier.

How to Build your very own Cornhole Board Game

This is a simple instruction manual on how to create your own Cornhole Game. You'll need to build two game boards, each one is 2'x4'. I used 1/2" plywood because it's still light enough to throw in your trunk, but sturdy enough it can take an accidental stomping or two. You'll also need 3 or 4 2x4's depending on how you measure and cut, and also on the final design you use. You'll also need 1 1/2" deck screws and either 2 inch deck screws or nails. You may want to get some small hinges, but we'll get into that later.

How to Build a Cornhole Game

Start by making sure your plywood is square at the corners. You want to start at one end of the plywood and measure over 24 inches. You must measure each cut separate in order to avoid losing 1/16 of an inch due to the thickness of the circular saw blade.

How to Build a Cornhole Game

Cornhole AKA Baggo AKA Bags is a bean bag game popular at many colleges and tailgating events around the country. Use a semi gloss paint to paint the boards with, so the bags will slide up the surface to the hole. Your local lumber store will most likely cut the 2 x 4s to length for you. this is far less expensive than buying the proper power saw if you don't own it.

Cornhole Board Plan - Building Instructions

We have several great sets of directions for building your own Cornhole boards. Just choose the style of boards you’d like to make, and download any of our easy to follow Cornhole Board Plan Building Directions. We have building instructions for standard 2×4 framed boards, nesting boards, travel sized 3×2 boards and more.

Make the Cornhole Board

We’re gonna jump into the fun stuff at this point. Before we do anything, this would be a good place for a reminder about safety. Safety glasses should be worn any time you’re working with a power tool. You might as well leave them on when you’re working with ANY tool. Also, find a good pair of gloves. Make sure you know how to use any tool you pick up. We’re not going to discuss much on the proper use of tools so if you’re unsure, find somebody that knows how things work.

Sew Cornhole Bags

Duck cloth is a canvas-type “outdoor” fabric that you can find at any nearly fabric store. Finding it is easy, but getting the right amount takes a tiny bit of math. Each team needs four bags made from two 7’’ x 7’’ squares (eight squares total). If your fabric store sells duck cloth on bolts that are 60’’ wide, then you are in luck since 8 x 7” is only 56” of fabric that you need. If it is above the store’s minimum, then have them cut off 7” of fabric for you. (If not, consider making an extra set for a friend. Don’t worry, it’s cheap.) Repeat for the second set. Remember: since, unless you don’t mind trying to guess which bag belongs to which team, you’ll need to get two distinct colors.